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A great welcome to the new Blue vs. Grey American Civil War Mod Please read this article to understand the situation of this modification =)

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Firstly I would like to give a warm thank you to everyone who has decided to take part in this modification. =)

My name is Christopher Carlisle James from the UK and my username Is DaggerClassStudio and I am the Directing lead Manager within this modification.

Within this mod I intend to have us all create a unique and a brand new gaming experience for Men of War with contents entirely created by ourselves... easy? .. think again =)
This modification will take a long time to make and maybe we might be able to make a playable multi-player to help create a larger gaming experience; however progress will possibly be slow because of our time differences and because of our everyday lives but I intend to keep this mod organised and structured so we can all have some serious fun whiles providing the world (OUR PLAYER's) a new experience to explore. I do not know how much we will accomplish once we have completed this mod but it will not be rushed, nor is there any limits to what we can make... never say never as the impossible will become the possible my friends :)

Every few weeks minimum you are all including the main leader executives to message me your progress and to email your work to where I can back-up and secure all of our work to easily be able to be put together as one. Do not fear as we will not have ANYONE! including myself claim credit's for your work, as every thing you do and contribute to this group and mod will have your names credited and you will be the one to benefit by it; however to properly make this group work I am enforcing upon you all submitting your work to me on a regular basis to keep this mod alive.

We will not hit issues of copyright as we will not steal content of any kind to avoid copyright or legal issues as some members on here have been removed because of claims of copyright (whether true or false) and not all people were guilty. Therefore When you submit your work to me I will expect you all to send me images of progression so I may put it up on our public OFFICIAL mod page and so I may create a online portfolio in to prove that we have created this game in the case of copyright penalties getting involved.

I will not accept trolling, spamming or bullying within this group or anywhere else and will take it very seriously especially racism. If I am told of a case of bullying, I will natural expect proof from a screenshot/screen grab, but will deal in these events very seriously to avoid anyone getting hurt or preyed upon.

We will enjoy working together as a team and will in the comfort of our home slowly create this mod, with the requirement to every so often submit your work to me via email with images and media showing the progress of your development. This group page is for us to communicate privately from the general public to plan quickly as opposed to sending private emails and messages.. but you may contact me via message also :)

I Gladly welcome you all into this modification and would like to thank you for taking part and I hope I will be a better leader than most within this site.

Peace out and good luck all of you !

Christopher Carlisle James
Directing Lead Manager

DaggerClassStudio Author
DaggerClassStudio - - 649 comments

Glad to work with you all as part of a team :) .. Let's kick mother earth and make a great modification to be proud with

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