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“Before you set off, you should assemble a team…” 😜

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Before you set off, you should assemble a team… And its most important component will always be the commander, who is in charge of coordinating the team’s actions, uniting the group and deciding on the most important things.

In Flooded, before each game, you will be able to choose a commander to manage your attempts to survive a historical flood. However, they will not be the same - each of them offers specific perks and special ways to reach your goals. Today I will introduce you to some of them!

Myles (Specialization: Strategy)


Bonus: Adjacent buildings of the same type work more efficiently.

The first character is a slim man with dark hair combed in an old-fashioned way. He is great at building various strategies and his main strength is paperwork. He makes up for his physical shortcomings with his cleverness and analytical approach to each problem.

Ellen (Specialization: Construction)


Bonus: Buildings can be relocated.

A hardworking woman with a ponytail always hidden under a helmet. You must know she is the only one who has never worked in a mine. However, Ellen is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and her experience in other industries is a big advantage in a natural crisis.

Henry (Specialization: Defense)


Bonus: The default durability of buildings is increased.

This guy is the opposite of Myles - a characterful and well-built blonde who believes in muscle strength. Although, it must be noted, he never uses it to hurt another person. Henry is mild-mannered by nature, but very charismatic. He can easily lead a group of miners and motivate them to work harder!

Thomas (Specialization: Technologies)


Bonus: Buildings have an additional level of development.

The youngest of the group of potential commanders and probably the most distracted. However, it is a textbook image of a real genius. His short-lived enthusiasm does not allow him to finish the tasks he has already started, but his impressive knowledge can help you escape the island… The choice is yours!

See ya!

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"Meet the Team", huh? Now where have I seen that before?

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murmur_pl - - 15 comments

Tell me, please :)

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