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Hey, sup?! Here I'll present the robots, ones of the main enemies of the game.

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Hey, sup?! Here I’ll present the robots, ones of the main enemies of the game.

In the story, there is an army of robots being continually produced by the alien, and later teleported to the confinement room, where they are activated and come alive.

They were programmed to kill a specific target, the guy, and have four different personalities: normal (blue eyes), aggressive (red eyes), silly (orange eyes) and shrewd (pink eyes).


However there is a fifth personality, that only one of thousands of robots has, fearful (yellow eyes). Eeeh, ok…it’s a factory error. He runs away from the guy, when should kill him, but don’t think it will help. In fact, unlike other robots, the guy can’t kill him because he’s always running.

The robots are inspired on the Pac-Man's ghosts (who also differ according their colors).

Aaannnd that’s it for today Earth’s guys, I hope you like it.

michaelklier - - 38 comments

Cool! Reminds me a lot of Gir from Invader Zim (I love that show ^^).

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jeffsbalves Author
jeffsbalves - - 8 comments

I love that show too! In the process I thought "hey, it looks like Gir. Cool!".

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