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Details about when the media update is going to be released and what will it include.

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Hello dear trackers and other people interested in this mod,

I'm planning a media update sometime in the beginning of the next year since I am busy at the moment with other things though I will still keep developing the mod. Since Im getting a few weeks off before and after Christmas and New Year's Eve, I'll start with more intense preparation and developing then, but for now all I can tell you are some of the stuff I have already done and planning to show you in the update.

First of all, I have added some custom sounds to the weaponry, that is the pistol, smg and shotgun at the moment. Since I'm having some trouble with Photoshop, only the pistol has a new texture but I'll try to reskin the other weapons by the update. I will release a video showing out the custom sounds and textures in the media update.

Secondly, I have done some mapping and tweaking the first level, since the story has been written I can map everything more easily than before and all I need to do is basically tweak and make it look pretty. I will release screenshots of the first level of the game also on the media update.

The media update is planned to be released on the 5th of January. Dates may change.

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