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After long expectations third media release (Part1) has come.

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Well during working out a modification I have drawn pair concepts here and they.

The arctic rebel Angar
Arctic rebel concept The angar concept

Arctic Caves Xen
Caves concept (WIP) Xen concept

The Logo concept
The oficial AA logo concept

Also has updated pair skins . The arctic rebels in a testmap and zombies and combine sniper (W.I.P.)

Antlions and antlion worker

Some backgrounds in mod

White forest Borealis inside
Outland background final Borealis background

On a working out course the set of concepts from the dark Borealis occupied zombies to more less light Borealis with combines and the rests of the personnel aperture sciense varied. As a result the following has turned out:

The Borealis labs
Borealis labs Borealis labs

The Borealis Warehouses
Borealis warehouse Borealis warehouse 2

And in the end (Part1) screenshot in Hospital i White Forest

White Forest hospital final


lol at the concepts and that hilarious logo

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Interesting concept you have.

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An original idea. Hope it goes well for you guys... Keep up the work. The re-skins look good...

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if your gonna have your game in the arctic, then why not make some kick-*** snow battle levels? Perhaps some blinding snow storms and a huge strider battle in the snow? You could do some awesome stuff and impress people.

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