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New version of Mebas is out! with some important fixed and updates

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Another important release

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a very nasty bug, that well, basically made multiplayer games run the slowest possible, and kindof unplayable
- some misc small performance improvements
- some of the performance improvements last time were so effective, in fact that they broke the life form designer(was sometimes hard or impossible to place mutations into mebas)
- Intelligence mutation didnt work, it does now!
- When you zoom in/out the camera the screen stays centralised to where you have been looking originally, instead of shifting it to the top left area, which is not what you would expect

New Features:
- added a short intro video for new users, as I felt a lot of new players are missing out on some of the great features of Mebas in the later stages, as the game starts out fairly slow and there is a learning curve before the real fun begins
- Share the results of your multiplayer matches ( Facebook users only )
- rewritten some of the tutorial dialogs to reflect the shift of the games nature from social-single player to multiplayer

Coming up next, on Mebas:
3-4 player modes!as the game is looking more and more stable, this will coincide with the first wider release of mebas, so start practicing guys, you are going to get some serious copetition!

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