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After a long time without not really big update, here are the big news.

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Hi everyone,

So, you saw that the mod was a bit dead for 3 weeks, and these are the reasons :
-I've lost my internet connection and i was unable to be often here.
-I had viruses in my computer that my the pc slower and buggy (mouse going away the screen for no reason)
-I've also really lost time and motivation to make this mod (School, real life etc)

But i've got good and bad news :
The Good news :
-I'm making a game with a friend like the mod but with some differences : this is an Open World game about Treasure Planet, which you can have your ship, defend it, explore cities, lands and planets.
This will be done with the Unreal engine 3 (easier for me to export from Blender to UDK)
-I have a full internet connection and much more time because this is end of my school year in two-three weeks, so i will be able to release a demo of the game maybe.

The Only bad news :
-This mod won't be done or released, why ? Because i've got no motivation to do this kind of mod, so i don't think it'll be good enough for me and you because of my experience and motivation to finish it.

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