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Add 5 new features to game. Menu screen, enemies, player lives, levels, player score.

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Hello again, after a lot of trials and errors somehow I made progress. Whats new in this alpha build:

  1. Add menu when starting game. Nothing spectacular, but its good thing to have.
  2. Add 1 enemy, green ball. It does nothing juts randomly flies. It has 6 health points and it bounces back then you shoot him.
  3. Add levels. Then you kill all enemies, level changes. Next level has increased numbers of enemies, your ammo also increase.
  4. Add player lives. You have 9 lives, if you hit enemy ship with your ship you loose 1 live and temporarily became invincible for 4 second.
  5. Add player score. 1 score for 1 shot bullet and 100 score for 1 killed enemy.

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