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We wanted to give you a little heads up on the changes for the next patch. (More will come later)

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We have made a lot of progress, and taken some issues into account, when fixing and adding for the next update for Age of Colonies.

Age of Colonies will now have a functional market system (as described before), and mission backdrops are being added, while the view scrolls to the town centre before the mission starts (as requested).

We heard some complaints about the food consumption and the changes at the moment are as follows:
We have reduced how much citizen eat, and increased the amount of food produced by the bakery. Further more we have increased the number of food, which the fetcher brings back to the household.

The economy system is being changed. Some of the following changes have happened or will happen:
When fetchers fetch for instance food or pottery at the warehouse, they now have to pay for it. The price differs for the different resources. This makes it more attractive to have higher level housing, because higher levels require more goods, making you more rich, when they buy them.

For further improvement on the "easy access" part, we have added floating texts called "values", which indicate values of resources changed at different actions. For instance, when wages are paid, a floating text appears above the workplace signing the value of the wages, and drop-offs will also be shown as values, to increase the players knowledge on production.

More tweaks, bug fixes and content will be added, including some new missions regarding some of the new gameplay elements.

For reference (when the update is applied (or if we add the guide as download)) see the updated game guide, which will be in the folder, when updating. The guide will contain most of the information needed to understand gameplay (since much of the gameplay still is underlying and not visible for the untrained eye, until we make it more visible).

Also we have a forum up and running for Age of Colonies here on IndieDB. There you can post general stuff about the game, and come with suggestions and bug reports.

Also if anyone should be interested, we would like a graphics artist to help us on this project.
It's none paid, and there is a lot of work, but it will be greatly appreciated. Go to this topic on the general forums for more info:

Thanks for reading, hope you will all enjoy AOC

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