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Stargate Universe returns! Stargate Worlds on the rocks. Stargate Universe season 2 production begins.

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Stargate Universe returns April 2.

Stargate Universe will return for the 2nd half of the first season on April 2 in the US and Canada, just a couple of days away. Viewers in Australia will be one week (returns April 9) behind on episodes. While viewers in the UK will have to wait until April 13 for SGU.

Stargate Worlds under a cloud.

The latest reports state that Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment (CME) has no money or employees and that development for Stargate Worlds has ceased. CME currently owes in excess of $6 million plus over $10 million in potential liabilities. CME is still in court over the recent bankruptcy filing and a leadership dispute.

The good news is that Stargate Resistance will not be affected by the outcome of this issue. Service and support for the game will continue under the management of Fresh Start Studios, run by CME shareholders who support the game.

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Second half of SGU season 1 in stores in July. Full Season in 2011.

SGU Season 1.5 will be in stores on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 13 for fans in the US and Canada. The full season set will be available in the UK on July 5, 2010, while the US and Canada will have to wait until 2011 for a full season release. No word yet, on a full season release for Australia.

Stargate Universe season 2 begins principal photography.

Filming for SGU's second season began on March 10. Premiere of season 2 is expected in Autumn (Spring for Southern hemisphere) 2010.

A sneak peek of SGU's surprises.

The apperance of the aliens and space ships on SGU has been revealed. If you don't want to know or see, don't roll over the text or click the links.
Photos here and here.


I'm anticipating much more story development in season 2. We've got the characters pretty well established from season 1, so let's pray they shift this show into drive.

I honestly can't believe in buying half a season of a series. It's just that this marketing tactic is ludicrous to me. Some will though...

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It is so lame that we have to wait to 2011 to buy the full season. I liked the good old days when they came in the boxes of 5 dvd cases (up to season eight of sg-1)

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