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*Updated 25/10/12* This page details every military unit used since the dawn of the Mandalorians with few exceptions.

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Welcome to the Museum of Naval Warfare! This page will attempt to document all battlefield combat platforms, units and types the Mandalorian arsenal once used or currently uses.

These include the famous Shadow-class Star Dreadnought and the new Wrath-class, Avengers and Marauders, the Saggita and the Bevinn of old along with the ancient, now modernized, Kandosii and Lictor types, the glorious Kyramud and Jehavey'ir, the Yaim and the Keldabe.

All are here for your viewing pleasure!

=M3-A Scyk Fighter=
The M3-A Scyk fighter was a light interceptor, the lightest of all the starfighter designs produced by its Mandalorian manufacturer, MandalMotors. It was named after the Scyk lizard of Tatooine.

Although the Scyk barely provided more amenities to its pilot than a TIE/ln starfighter did, it had two strong points - it was cheap and its weapon mount was designed to handle nearly anything. Its standard equipment consisted of a weapon, an engine, a reactor, a capacitor and a weak shield generator. Its laser cannon could be easily swapped for an ion cannon, concussion missiles or a proton torpedo launcher. Large organizations used this versatility to create wings of starfighters with complementary weapon mixes, while individual pilots benefited by replacing or upgrading damaged weapons anywhere in the galaxy. Apart from that, it had very little room for modifications and additional equipment, and was not able to fit a booster or a flight computer in addition to its default equipment, which made its pilots rely on allied ships to plot a hyperspace jump.

=Davaab-type Starfighter=
It's name derived from the Mando'a word for "carrying out" and "execution", the fighter was used by the Mandalorians for capital ship protection. The 8.8 meter long Davaab starfighter was wide, boasting asymmetrical wings: a longer, bent fin-shape wing and a shorter wing with a cannon. A bubble canopy allowed the pilot to see his immediate surroundings. The craft was designed to land with each wing rotated horizontally, similar to the operation of the B-wing starfighter millennia later. The design of the fighter also vaguely resembled the Miy'til and Ginivex-class starfighters of the Clone Wars era.

It was based on a heavily modified Core Galaxy Systems model from before the Great Sith War, and could be seen in many variations under the Mandalorian Crusaders owners. By the time the Neo-Crusaders ideals began spreading throughout the Mandalorian forces, the type was mass produced in their war forges, supplying new warriors with a more recognizable model.

=StarViper-class Attack Platform=
The StarViper was equipped with dual laser cannons of medium destructive power, and unlike other starfighters, it was a short but tall fighter, lacking a fuselage. It had decent armor and was fairly quick, but was expensive, which meant that it was not deployed in large squadrons.

The StarViper was also able to release buzzdroids that would harm nearby craft.

The Virago was commissioned by Xizor as his personal starship. He collaborated directly with MandalMotors on its design, and he purchased all production rights upon completion to ensure the ship would remain unique. Xizor's personal version of the ship featured a super-advanced targeting computer that greatly increased the performance of whatever weapons the ship happened to be using. Following Xizor's death, MandalMotors reacquired the production rights and released a StarViper variant less powerful than Virago to the open market. In addition, Mandal Hypernautics began producing the fighter.

StarVipers formed the main starfighter force of the Zann Consortium, and they were modified to carry and deploy swarms of old Pistoeka sabotage droids that the Consortium obtained via the black market, proving superior to interceptors such as the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor and TIE/In interceptor. Additionally, these fighters were also employed in small numbers by the Mandalorian forces present on Mandalore during the Galactic Civil War.

=Supa Fighter-class Bomber (Retrofit)
A large bomber with decent armament, the Supa Fighter was slower than the X-wing but more maneuverable. Its shields and hull strength were comparable to a Y-wing. The Supa Fighter's hull was mostly symmetrical, but in an unusual feature for a starfighter, the cockpit was offest a few meters to the left of its centerline.

All this made it perfect for a Mandalorian Bomber, something Farseer-tech understood when he was looking for a perfect Mandalorian bomber.

=Toscan 8-Q-class Bomber (Retrofit)-
One of Shobquix's few production-model fighters, the Toscan utilized a cockpit design produced by Koensayr Manufacturing which predated the introduction of the BTL Y-wing starfighter. It had respectable speed and was armed with two laser cannons.

Due to its old design and the need for more bombers.
Farseer-tech retrofitted the Toscan and turned it into a bomber for the Mandalorians.

=Vallah-class Tactical Strikecraft=
The new WWC Vallah fighter-bomber excels at raid missions due to its high speed and specialized weaponry. Wout tried to create a new sort fighter, with emphasise on defensive capabilities. It will be equipped with one advanced missile launcher with the capability to fire a small variety of warheads for various purposes and a pair of laser repeaters to fend off interceptors while it performs its lightning operations. Its main power lies in it's speed, shield and hull strength and electronic counter measures, its speed is unmatched while shield and hull are pretty light, they are modified to try to absorb the hits to power the Vallah. It can scramble enemy radar, scan targets and perform recon missions via its warheads or using its onboard computers. It is optimal for raid operations.

=G1-M4-C Dunelizard Fighter=
The Dunelizard fighter was based upon the M3-A Scyk fighter, retaining that vessel's wedge-shaped wings, though the later model included a number of advanced features.

The Dunelizard added heavier payload and shields, but retained the swiftness and maneuverability that made the Scyk popular with Hutts and other criminal organizations including space pirates such as Erkon the Vile.

It was very easy to repair and modify. The weapons load could be changed from the standard linked laser cannons to ion cannons, concussion missile launcher, or proton torpedo launcher. It had a magazine capacity of 6 missiles/torpedoes when equipped with a launcher.
There were two known styles of Dunelizard fighter; a bulkier, elongated version with a larger cockpit, and a slim, streamlined version with sweeping wings, both of which were designated as G1-M4-C models. The second model was created by removing the co-pilot's seat and installing an astromech slot. The slimmer profile and shorter, narrower wings allowed improved visibility and access for the astromech droid. This model was also known as the Type II Dunelizard.

=Kom'rk-class Fighter/Transport=
The Kom'rk-class fighter/transport was 68.1 meters in length, with broad, angular, rotating wings. These wings alternated between an upright landing position when grounded, and a horizontal configuration while flying in the atmosphere or space. While in flight, the wings could also rotate around the vessel's main body, allowing for increased maneuverability. Designed and built by the Mandalorian starship company, MandalMotors, the Kom'rk-class fighter/transport shared several of these design aspects with MandalMotors' Aka'jor-class shuttle. Unlike the unarmed shuttle, the Kom'rk-class fighter was equipped with twin, forward-facing laser cannons located at the nose of the main body. The starship also featured two rear engines for propulsion; these turbojets were designed to allow for rapid engine start-up.

=Gladiator-class Assault Ship=
The Gladiator-class assault fighter was a one man starfighter produced by FreiTek Inc. and used by Mandalore Fenn Shysa's Mandalorian Protectors near the end of his reign.

It was said to resemble a Rattatakian short sword thrust through the hilt of a Tlönian escutcheon.

The Gladiator had no nav computer. They would travel in packs of four with a Pursuer-class enforcement ship, which would slave the Gladiator's systems for hyperspace travel.

It was more maneuverable than an E-wing escort starfighter, and armed with J3F laser cannons and an ArMek SW-12c ion cannon.

=Firespray-31-class Patrol and Attack Craft=
The Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft, or Firespray-class starship, or Firespray-class interceptor, was a patrol and transport starship designed by Kuat Systems Engineering initially for use by the Republic Correctional Authority. The most well known of the starships was Jango and Boba Fett's ship, the Slave I.

As a prisoner transport, the ship featured numerous holding cells and devices made for the most exotic of creatures. A trademark of the ship was that it landed horizontally with the drive engines facing the surface and the cockpit facing upward. To transition to normal flight mode, the ship rotated so that the cockpit faced forward while the drive engines faced rearward.

The stock ship was well armed and armored for its size, with on-board storage space and room for several passengers and/or cargo. Roughly as fast as Koensayr's Y-wing starfighter/bomber, the ship had more than enough speed and maneuverability to intercept smugglers and other renegades.

=M12-L Kimogila Heavy Fighter=
The M12-L Kimogila heavy fighter was the heaviest in MandalMotors line of snubfighters. The M12 was used by the Hutt crime organizations to protect their 'interests' and were often crewed by mercenary pilots.

This custom Hutt starfighter was long ranged and could serve multiple roles in space combat. Its numerous gun emplacements classified the ship as a heavy fighter, and its torpedo capabilities allowed it to function as a bomber in special circumstances. This flexibility made it quite popular among free mercenaries. Though it lacked the speed and maneuvering capabilities of its predecessors, its ability to cause wanton slaughter could outweigh these factors.

=Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship=
The Pursuer-class enforcement ship was a heavy patrol craft designed by MandalMotors for use by the Mandalorians. During the Clone Wars this type of starship was employed in policing Separatist-controlled worlds.

The craft was well armed for its size, with twin blaster cannons and a turret-mounted ion cannon, giving the ship formidable firepower. Military grade shield generators protected the Pursuer from harm.

Often the Pursuer is seen leading the Gladiator-class that has no navcomputer, for this reason the Pursuer is armed with a very advanced variant that can manage the flight paths of a pack of Gladiators.

The Bes'uliik was a cutting-edge starfighter created by MandalMotors after the Yuuzhan Vong War, the first prototypes of which entered service with the Mandalorians in 40 ABY, during the Second Galactic Civil War.

A Bes'uliik was originally designed for a crew of three, or two with an increased weapons/fuel loadout, although the earliest production prototypes were flown by single pilots. The fighter was designed to be versatile, capable of being everything from a planetary-attack bomber to a long-range "hunter-killer". The spaceframe measured fifteen meters long, with a wingspan of a little over half its length. The hull was a plain, clean-lined "V"-shape with a squared-off tail and a dark gray finish with high-tech baffled exhausts to enhance its stealth capabilities. The four blasters and two additional weapons mountings were all located on the underside of the fuselage. The cockpit hatch hinged at the top for entry and the bottom edges for ejection, but there were also side hatches, and on the prototype, these bore the mythosaur logo stenciled in a lighter gray color. Inside, the cockpit made use of advanced display technology, and control systems that could be activated simply by where the pilot was looking. The fighter was also able to tilt vertically on its tail section, to land and take off in a tiny area, approximately eight-by-four meters.

Late in the design process, the design was modified to add a protective layer of beskar armor, the legendary Mandalorian iron. The designers considered applying this as either as an outer skin or part of a laminated composite spaceframe. The initial prototype was completed with an ultra-thin beskar outer skin, but there was also some discussion of a heavier layer of solid hull armor. Although this would render the fighter heavier, there were also hopes that a new alliance with the Verpine engineers of the Roche Asteroid Belt would extend to a technology exchange, enabling the designers to lighten the underlying spaceframe structure to compensate,, or to improve fuel economy.

=Basilisk-class War Droid=
The Basilisk War Droid, known in Mando'a as the Bes'uliik or "iron beast", was an intelligent battle droid, originally produced by the Basiliskans butmost famously used by the Mandalorians.

When the Mandalorians conquered the Basiliskan homeworld, Basilisk, around 3,997 BBY and subjugated the intelligent Basiliskans into simple minded Lagartoz War Dragons, they also seized the designs of the droids and continued to manufacture them. The droids gained infamy during the Mandalorian Wars, when Mandalorians using the droids as mounts terrorized a large swath of the Galactic Republic.

The Basilisk is armed with missiles and heavy laser cannons that can destroy thick armor and strong shields of anything smaller then a corvette in several moments, in numbers frigates should also be onguard. Basilisk's can also use their claws to attack anything near them with a beast-like ferocity.

=Vengeance-class Fighter-bomber=
A new Fighter/Bomber to add to my fleet, the Vengeance Fighter/Bomber is one of the best Starfighters in the Galaxy, easily rivalling the Drakkar Dragoon. It is equipped with 2 heavy lasers, 2 heavy missile launchers and a very powerful weapon, a beam/plasma gun. This heavy piece of technology is located between the "fins", and can be used to cut down fighters with alarming ease. It can then change to fire small bursts of pure plasma to damage larger ships, hence why it is a fighter/bomber. Each fighter can withstand numerous direct hits from heavy turbo lasers thanks to the powerful shields. It is unique not only in its weaponry, but also by having 3 shields generators. 2 Normal shields and one thermal, to stop incoming missiles. This takes up allot of place though, and therefore it is not the fastest fighter in the Galaxy. It also has a rotating heavy ion cannon near the engines to protect its rear (not shown on the image). Thanks to the many shipyards under sith control, my fleet has nearly 5 million of these heavy fighter/bombers.
The developers of this fighter-bomber are unknown but its blueprints are now in the hands of the Mandalorians thanks to Ten joining them.

=Crusader-class Corvette=
Made to counter starfighters and bombers, the Crusader-class corvette carried as many weapons as it could without compromising space-worthiness. It was also faster then any other similar ship of its time. Together, these attributes made the Crusader an extremely pricey vessel.

Crusaders were also known to utilize an advanced point-defence weapon system that allowed the ships to actually shoot down enemy missiles or torpedoes before they damaged friendly ships. This made the corvettes a valuable support addition to a fleet.
They were possibly based on the Kandosii-class of earlier centuries.

Overall the Crusader is fast and lethal against Strikecraft, able to quickly move between formations of ships to hotspots where the enemy deploys Strikecraft and destroy them with great efficiency before moving on to another location.

=Alorade-class Heavy Corvette=
The Alorade-class Heavy Corvette is what High Command has been begging for, produced by the WWC it is the pinnacle of anti-strikecraft technology the Mandalorians have available with its ability to shoot down entire formations of fighters and bombers in a few minutes.
Mandalore the Regent thought that the mandalorian navy lacked heavy corvettes, so the WWC made one.
It has a unusual design with two disc shaped missile shields and two wings which give it the ability for atmospheric flight to support ground troops and protect against strafing runs, it is armed with two dual laser cannon turrets, two anti-ship heavy laser cannons, four dual mass drivers placed in the wings, four quad mass drivers, a quad missile tube at the front and a point defense system and a host of minor quad flak guns.
It is hard to overwhelm it, the point defense system has been upgraded and can target strikecraft to, without having to worry about missiles because of the missile shields.
It is a heavily armed and speedy corvette with very good targeting systems, without sacrificing to much armor.

=Centurion-class Destroyer=
The Centurion-class Destroyer, if it can even be called a ship, is at most a flying gun with engines on it controlled by an Artificial Intelligence. To prevent an enemy from taking over a ship through hacking it has several AI's in fact, a few for gun control and a few for engine control.

The goal of Project Centurion is a small, fast and very cheap everything destroyer and it succeeded.

Armed with a hull able to withstand pretty much nothing it can however wipe out an opposing ship in a few shots if it works in conjunction with others of its class.

Its strong cannon can wreck an unshielded city in a single blast.
Its engines make it a tad slower then a Corellian corvette on half speed.

=Interceptor II/IV-class Frigates=
Intercepter II:
Though they were used by a large number of pirate groups, most Interceptor Frigates bore Black Sun emblems, and some were occasionally purchased by the Alliance Fleet and Imperial Navy. Tyber Zann had a large amount of these ships modified to be faster and less armored to become the Interceptor IV Frigates.

Interceptor IV:
With superior shielding and improved weaponry, as well as the "Full Salvo" missile capabilities that allowed the frigate to fire a barrage of missiles at its target, the Interceptor was cheap, yet versatile, vessle. It also possessed powerful engines allowing it to reach extremely high sublight velocities for a vessel of its size.
The ships weakness was its lightly armored hull and reduced firepower.

=Interceptor V-class Frigate=
With superior shielding and improved weaponry, as well as the "Full Salvo" missile capabilities that allowed the frigate to fire a barrage of missiles at its target, the Interceptor was cheap, yet versatile, vessle. It also possessed powerful engines allowing it to reach extremely high sublight velocities for a vessel of its size.
The ships weakness was its lightly armored hull and reduced firepower.

The upgrades to it converted it into the Interceptor V, which focuses on speed and scanning power to allow it to do patrol missions easily but also fend of the enemy with its improved hull and shield strength powered by MandalMotors, this does has however diverted some of the power from the weapons but to compensate for firepower a few extra anti-ship missile bays that are quite powerful and can even be loaded with anti-strikecraft payloads, anti-strikecraft turbo lasers take the place of old laser cannons which make this vessel small, fast and pack a punch.

=Mandalorian Warship=
The dagger-shaped class was similar in appearance to the Venator-class Star Destroyer produced millennia later for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The vessel was armed with anti-capital ship missiles.

It had at least four main thrusters, arranged similarly to the later Venator-class and several small auxiliary thrusters. Given it successfully pursued the command ship Courageous from the battlefield, its top speed was the same or greater than the Inexpugnable-class.

Now that it is in use again it received upgrades to its engines to make it even more faster, it is a rapid interceptor frigate with heavy turbolaser emplacements but should not be expected to deal with anything more then pirates.

=Mandalorian Cruiser=
The Mandalorian cruiser was a warship design used by the Mandalorian warrior clans during the Great Galactic War.

These cruisers took part in the blockade of the Hydian Way, which resulted in a major military and economic crisis for the Galactic Republic. This blockade was later broken by Hylo Visz and her band of smugglers, when they aided the Republic Navy in besting the Mandalorian fleet.

The ship is slow for a reason, it is a defensive powerhouse much like the Keldabe. But unlike its capital ship counterpart the Cruiser can fight all classes of enemy ships decently and when deployed in large numbers the chain of Mandalorian Cruisers can withstand most direct assaults.

=Sagitta Star Destroyer=
The Sagitta is based on the old Imperial Alpha Strike tactic the First Galactic Empire lovingly used with their dagger shaped vessels, this ship is to be used with the Vallah to perform effective Raid Operations like it was designed to.

Its origins can be traced back into the Imperial Star Destroyer class and even before that, the classic dagger shaped ships have always been a source of inspiration for many ship designers and are one of the most effective shapes for combat units, ignoring the fact that when flanked the ship would be decimated in a short time.

The Sagitta tries to correct the existing flaw of old Star Detroyers by giving it some supportive guns on both of it's flanks, but it still has the blind spots on the back in favour for a weapon layout that can blast anything infront of it to pieces. It is armed with no more then needed to deploy its Vallah Strikecrafts and use its rather extensive surplus of heavy weapons before leaving the combat area rapidly, its shields are quite advanced and the electronic warfare package that the Vallah received has also been installed to an extent on the Sagitta making this a extremely potent ship is used properly.

Be warned though, losing a few of these pricey vessels will be a major set back, it is advised you keep them from direct frontline operations. use them do distort enemy positions on less defended planets or to raid even fleets when they are deployed in group.

=Vengeance-class Frigate=
These ships had the ability to cloak using technology Zann bought from the black market. However, due to a side effect of this addition, the ships possessed no shields. To make up for it, they were equipped with extremely thick armor for protection. Because of this extra protection, it dramatically affected its speed, making it very slow.

Also, these ships were equipped with mass drivers, so their weapons would entirely bypass an enemy's ray shields and could overheat their cores to self-destruct if the situation called for it.

The plans of this ship fell into the hands of the Mandalorians after Zann started using the shipyards of Mandalore for his Consortium, when he was finally kicked out engineers had a powerful weapons platform on their hands and they embraced it as their own.

=Reciprocator-class Heavy Frigate=
An upgrade to the Vengeance-class with shields and missile bays in addition to its improved array of Mass Drivers and other weapon systems, it retains its Stealth ability but it has been improved, another interesting new feature is its sleek new smaller design allowing it to evade enemy fire easily while being able to dish it out without much problems.

This ship is built by Farseer-Tech and fulfils its slogan of bringing the very best to offer.

All these improvements however made it nearly twice as expensive.

=Avenger-class Frigate=
Based on old designs built during the Mandalorian Wars by the Neo-Crusaders, the Avenger is a latest built by the WoutWarship Corporation under Project Werda.
Armed with over a large number of ion cannons, turbolasers and normal laser cannon batteries, this ship is built for the frontlines and is able to destroy most ships with ease.
One of the few weaknesses are that most of its guns are placed in the front part of the ship which is also its advantage in combat, during tests other ships would flank it and destroy it effortlessly so the WWC gave it superior engines so it could turn to face new threats and be used in hit and run attacks to an extent.
The WWC built this ship to be used in combination with the Tsad which supports it with missiles.

=Tsad-class Artillery Ship=
Built around the blueprints of an ancient Mandalorian ship used during the Mandalorian Wars by the Neo-Crusaders, the Tsad is another one of the magnificent ships built by the WoutenWarship Corporation under Project Werda.
Its armament includes various types of ballistic rocket types but it also carries one Heavy Ion Cannon, the WWC really outdone themselves by including all forms of rocketry in this ship, beside its large armament consisting of rockets it has strong Targeting and Communication computers which make it easier for it to hit its target, know what to hit and to tell the fleet whether or not its time to pull out or push forward.

This ship is the Avengers long-range counterpart but since the Avenger sees more frontline action the same amount of armor or engine upgrades have not been placed in the Tsad instead improvements to its targeting, fire rate and efforts to include its range capabilities.

=Jehavey'ir-type Assault Ship=
Similar in appearance to contemporary Mandalorian Kyramud-type battleships, as they were both based on Basilisk technology, the assault ships were propelled by five engines and were armed with five medium double turbolasers, three heavy ion cannons and six super-heavy concussion missile launchers. These assault ships always had their guns charged and ready to fire, even when in hyperspace, which allowed them to engage moments after arriving on the scene of battle. They lacked landing bays, and instead had special airlocks permitting the easy projection of troops toward a ship to be boarded.

It was taken back into service after some modifications and now they are a quick patrol vessel that could keep up with the Crusader’s speed while also keeping focus on survivability and firepower.

=Kyramud-type Battleship=
These vessels were often used for ground assaults

Mandalorian battleships were often accompanied by smaller warships and support ships when in battle. Before and during the Great Sith War, they were escorted by small insect-like vessels, while during the Mandalorian Wars, they were supported by Jehavey'ir-type assault ships and Lictor-class dungeon ships.

The Kyramud, much like the Lictor, is a light capital ship or heavy frigate and is very strong in that sense, its armor can withstand a beating and its weapons can destroy much that it faces.
It is also rather speedy in comparison to others in its class.

=Marauder-class Missile Cruiser=
An old vessel that found its way into the hands of Mandalorian engineers that repurposed it to replace the Tsad-class as a Artillery Ship, its firepower may be lessened but its range is increased immensely as is its speed. It can fire and retreat to safety before the enemy even realizes what happened.

Another feature of this ship is that it can fire much of its payload quickly in a unprecedented barrage of fury, this does leave the ship without power for some time. But if properly used the ship will survive while the enemies fleet will be damaged.

It also has sensor scramblers to confuse the enemy with false sensor readings.

The varied warheads also need mention, its ability to deploy a special "Mine-Warhead" is remarkable but nothing new, Mandalorian Pilum's always had this feature.

All these abilities leave this ship to be very weak, able to survive perhaps a single strafing run of Strikecraft before succumbing to their fire.

=Lictor-class Heavy Frigate=
The Lictor-class Heavy Frigate, also known as an Light Capital Ship and Imperial Dungeon ship, was a versatile warship and mobile prison based on a design used by the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader Fleet during the Mandalorian Wars. The design proved resilient enough that is was still in use nearly four thousand years after its conception.

Even though people ridicule it for its age it is one of the strongest ships the Mandalorians have, heavily armed and armored it also has the Point Defence system the Crusader has among its many Mass drivers, laser cannons, Ion cannons, and Turbo laser cannons.

=Aggressor-class Star Destroyer=
Ships of the class were comparable in terms of size to the Galactic Empire's Imperial-class Star Destroyers and were armed with two powerful fire-linked guns fixed to the forward hull which fired a large ion pulse followed by an enormous, spiraling plasma shot. The ion shot disabled the shields so the plasma shot could do maximum damage. They were also armed with turbolaser batteries in their wings. However, once the main cannons were destroyed, the ship is nearly helpless against conventional capital ships with only one turbolaser battery on each side.

Although the class had heavy armor, they were cumbersome in battle and needed protection from quicker capital ships and their starfighters. These ships were known to utilize their self destruct mechanism when it was required to damage the enemy in a losing battle

=Retaliate-class Interdictor=
As can be seen these ships are refitted Gladius Destroyers built by the WoutenWarship Corporation under Project Werda, the WWC have removed the 2 heavy Mass drivers, the dual Mass driver cannons and all triple turbolasers.
They do have fitted some powerful close-range pulse laser batteries, they also kept the quad lasers for use against strikecraft and have added some long range heavy laser cannons which, though precise, deal little damage and are mainly for pestering the enemy and use of some creative tactics, but most notably, the have added 2 Gravity Well Generators.

The ship is the first Mandalorian Interdictor to serve the fleet and is heavily armoured and is even able to withstand the heaviest attacks without flinching until reinforcements arrive.

=Mandalorian Carrier=
This vessel had several hangars of various sizes lining the sides, where Q-Carriers could disembark for each mission. At least eight dropships could fit inside the carrier. The vessel were armed with several twin gun turrets, mounted along the sides of the ship.

A briefing room was located inside the ship, where military units would be briefed before each drop. The carrier had enough living space to support at least three companies.

It can fit a large amount of Strikecraft but has little defences against enemies. Its armor is supposed to take care of that.

=Beviin-class Carrier=
The Beviin-class Carrier fills the role the Mandalorians navy never had, the desire for a carrier was large and so the WoutenWarship Corporation set out to create one and create one they did! The Beviin is not only a carrier its a supercarrier carrying an insanely large amount of strikecraft which can easily overwhelm an entire enemy fleet is properly supported.

The Beviin sports little to no weapons itself save for a few anti-strikecraft laser cannons and a few larger cannons to keep enemy Corvettes away while it unloads its cargo.
One problem persisted in its conception, the strikecraft would collide and crash so the WWC invested heavily in improving its launch command creating a new training for Mandalorian warriors so they would be able to coordinate all the ships at the same time but the WWC also improved everything else that was needed for a good take-off, they succeeded and after more then a month of research the Beviin is now the safest ship to mass launch from.

=Keldabe-class Battleship=
Like the Crusader-class corvette, it was a Mandal Hypernautics design. It was named after Mandalore's capital, Keldabe.
Ships of the class were able to compete with the Galactic Empire's Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Keldabes were armed with turbolasers, ion cannons, and a special mass driver weapon capable of firing directly through enemy shields. The mass drivers were located in between the two engine systems and at the front of the ship.

An interesting facet of the ship's design was that they were capable of actually leeching energy from enemy vessels and shields to power its own weapon systems. A marvel of Mandalorian engineering.

In order to create a lumbering behemoth that is capable of taking great punishment, Tyrval was ordered to create a Keldabe Mark II.
Heavier shields and a stronger hull make the Keldabe just as tough as a three capital ships combined, the leech shield ability was retained but other abilities were also added. Point Defences and Target Overwrite were added, Overwrite forces enemy weapons to concentrate their fire on a single target of the Keldabe's choosing.

The Keldabe, before was a defensive powerhouse. Now its near invincible.

=Kandosii-type Dreadnought=
The Kandosii-class Heavy Capital Ship, named after the Mando'a word for "ruthless", was the largest capital ship used by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars.

The Kandosii design had sharp, thin lines and were based on a variety of stolen technologies.

These ships were armed with several nuclear missile launchers located in the ship's bow and the lower protruding superstructure. A notable flaw in their design was that their hyperspace navigation systems could be crippled by a strategically-placed charge in the rear.

Kandosii-class Heavy Capital Ships were also heavily armed for combat, with 30 medium double turbolaser cannons to provide main offensive firepower. They also carried 12 point-defense triple laser cannons placed at certain places as to give full hull coverage. Each also has 12 super-heavy concussion missile launchers that can bombard capital ships, or hold nuclear missiles to bombard planets, as seen at the Battle of Serroco.

The ships also have a large cargo hold, carrying up to 128 starfighters to help defend itself, usually of the Davaab-type starfighter. Each also can carry 8 Shaadlar-type troopships with 800 troops each. In addition to these, the Kandosii-class Heavy Capital Ships could carry several Basilisk war droids.

Modifications over time have made the Kandosii even a greater threat then it was, these modifications are mostly electronic warfare packages and countermeasures that allow it to support the fleet with more then just heavy firepower.

=Shadow-class Star Dreadnought=
The Shadow-class is one of the two most important ships in Project Werda, it is the ultimate Mandalorian ship and the very best the Mandalorians have to offer with even Farseer stating that Wout had outdone himself, the ship is immense and is more then a match for a Super Star Destroyer.

It is armed with every advanced piece of technology the Mandalorians have and improved, according to Wout it has the firepower of three Kandosii classes combined with the only difference being speed which it makes up for by having a enormous supply of Strikecraft.

During field tests in top secret locations it tore apart ships using merely its tractor beam, it took three Krayt-class destroyers to bring down its shields, its barrage of various kinds of weapons created a gap in an asteroid field which would prevent meteor showers for 25 centuries, and not to forget its secret new weapon to add to its ion, plasma and Verpine guns which they derived from the Krayt's design, they installed Metal-Crystal Phase Shifters (MCPS) on the ship courtesy of the Chiss-Mandalorian Commander Osik, this ship is currently the strongest and most advanced ship in the Mandalorian Navy.

=Wrath-class Star Dreadnought=
Smaller then your ordinary Star Dreadnought and also by comparison not as heavily armed. It however is very deadly and even a single one of these vessels can turn the tide of battle with its heavy weapons that consist of a plethora of heavy mass drivers, laser cannon batteries and super heavy concussive missile launchers it also carries two immense versions of heavy mass drivers that can tear a hole in a ship the size of a corvette.

Its weapons are also long range, it can fire from a great distance all the while moving closer and closer to its enemy to intensify its firepower.

Its hull and shields are strong enough to withstand the might of two capital ships bearing their full power on it but not much more. The Wrath is meant to be the true deliverer of vengeance by cutting swaths through the enemy lines and sowing fields of chaos.

Its not armed with much else, its speed is laughable and its production cost is through the roof.
In comparison to the Shadow class it is a equal despite being slower and costing more otherwise they function the same. Destruction of the enemy forces quickly.

This ship exists only as a dream, it has not been built nor can it due to the rare materials required to construct it.

=Yaim-class Colony Ship=
The Yaim is a recent ship developed at the urging of several Mandalorian nobles, the WoutenWarship Corporation and other Mandalorian companies developed the vessel to house a large population of people, keeping them fed is easy enough with all the “Green rooms” the ship has and for their protection the ship has a strong shield and moderately thick hull along with several small gun batteries.

Its enormous and slow and this city on the move needs to be protected from danger at all cost.


love it though some of those ships r imperial

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Ori`verda Author

We used some of those vessels in the past.
Many vessels also do not historically exist but were made in order to help us in war times, you can read about it here:

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i like how you squeezed a halo ship in there...

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cool stuff

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