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*Updated 04/05/13* The Mandalorians are feared across the galaxy for being some of the best warriors in existence. Cunning, agile, strong and resilient, they are a force to be reckoned with.

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The Mandalorians warrior was always known to be one of the best fighters in ground combat, from the ancient shadow warriors to the modern fighters we see nowadays the concept remains unchanged. Superior training and decent equipment make for a professional soldier.

The Mandalorian Navy is a odd but powerful mix, ancient starships that have formed the backbone in old wars now still in service with modifications to increase their power. But the Mandalorian Navy does not just focus on older designs, new classes form the majority of our forces and perform just as well.

"You will raise your young as Mandalorians—and defend them. You will wear our armor, and speak our language. And you will serve the clan, and rally when called. These are the Resol'nare—the Six Actions—sacred to our movement. Do them—and you may live to call yourselves Mandalorians!"

"You can't rule Mandalorians. You just make sensible suggestions they want to follow. And since when have Mandalorians needed to be told what makes sense?"
―Boba Fett

=Balutar-class Swoop=
The Balutar-class swoop was a model of speeder bike manufactured by the Mandalore-based MandalMotors company.

Due to its Mandalorian construction, the Balutar-class swoop was often colloquially referred to as a Mandalorian speeder bike or Mandalorian swoop.

The Balutar's small size belied its powerful engine, and featured a low center of gravity that provided an incredible ease of control for its rider.

=Battle Legionnaires=
The BL-series Battle Legionnaires was a fourth-degree droid, the BL-series Battle Legionnaire was designed as a powerful combat droid. Each Battle Legionnaire was 1.7 meters in height, and similar in overall physical appearance to the 3PO-series of protocol droids manufactured by Cybot Galactica, though the Legionnaire droid was produced by the droid foundries of Baktoid Combat Automata.

Battle Legionnaire's were capable of wielding hand-held blasters in combat, though they were most often outfitted with deadly AAP-11 blasters.

Nearly all Mandalorians are warriors. Trained from an early age by their parents to be excellent fighters and to know their culture and history, two key virtues are honor and glory. When not at war, these soldiers become mercenaries whose skill is sought out by many.

Warriors are armed with a variety of weapons and whilst their armor may look uniform, they are all as unique as the warrior who wears it. The weapons and armor of a great quality, superior to that of average military forces. Most of it is usually personally crafted by the user.

Only the most highly trained Mandalorian warriors and veterans of many major battles can dare to become elite Mandalorian Ori'ramikade, or Supercommandos as they are known in basic.

The Supercommandos are special forces operators, able to perform with extreme excellence in direct battle and beyond.

"We Mandalorians have a saying. A warrior who doesn't hope for battle has no hope during battle."
―Canderous Ordo

=Canderous Tank=
The Canderous-class assault tank was a heavy repulsor tank produced by MandalMotors.

It was named after famous Mandalorian Canderous Ordo. It was protected by armor that rivaled that of an Imperial AT-AT walker. It was armed with two heavy mass-driver cannons and a concussion missile battery. Despite its weight, it could move in places inaccessible to walkers.

They were equipped with a sensor control mechanism that tricked enemy vehicles into targeting the tank

=Missile Attack Launcher=
MobileAttackLauncher.jpgThe Missile Attack Launcher was used by the Mandalorian army. It was capable of configuring into a long-range missile launcher; however, when it did this, it was rendered immobile.

It was armed with three turreted concussion missile launchers and was capable of shooting them in rapid succession; however, this resulted in reduced range.

When deployed, it would utilize its missile system for increased range attacks against enemy forces.

=Kom'rk-class Fighter/Transport=
Gauntlet was a Kom'rk-class fighter/transport, and like the smaller models of the Kom'rk-class, measured 52.3 meters in length. Gauntlet possessed broad, angular, rotating wings that alternated between an upright landing position when grounded, and a horizontal configuration while flying in the atmosphere or space.

The starship was also equipped with dual laser cannons located at the nose of the main body, and powerful engines that made Gauntlet one of the fastest troop transports in the galaxy.

The Amphibious Interstellar Assault Transport/infantry (AIAT/i) was a gunship used by the Galactic Republic's Judicial Forces, as well as Mandalorian troops, as a troop transport in the decades before the Clone Wars.

The AIAT/i gunship was 31.5 meters long, 12.5 meters high, and had a 30-meter wingspan. It was propelled by a pair of oversized sublight engines, and could carry either 350 cubic meters of cargo or 50 troops, one repulsorlift assault vehicle, four speeder bikes, one IM-6 medical droid, and six prisoners. It had a number of weapons and was capable of landing on water.

"For my people it's the honor and glory of battle that rules us. It's through combat that we prove our worth, gain renown and make our fortunes."
―Canderous Ordo

=StarViper-class Attack Platform=
The StarViper was equipped with dual laser cannons of medium destructive power, and unlike other starfighters, it was a short but tall fighter, lacking a fuselage. It had decent armor and was fairly quick, but was expensive, which meant that it was not deployed in large squadrons.

The StarViper was also able to release buzz droids that would harm nearby craft.

=Gladiator-class Assault Ship=
The Gladiator-class assault fighter was a one man starfighter produced by FreiTek Inc. The Gladiator had no nav computer. They would travel in packs of four with a Pursuer-class enforcement ship, which would slave the Gladiator's systems for hyperspace travel.

It is highly maneuverable, and armed with J3F laser cannons and an ArMek SW-12c ion cannon. Some instances have micronized mass drivers.

It was said to resemble a Rattatakian short sword thrust through the hilt of a Tlönian escutcheon.

The Bes'uliik was a cutting-edge starfighter created by MandalMotors after the Yuuzhan Vong War.

The fighter was designed to be versatile, capable of being everything from a planetary-attack bomber to a long-range "hunter-killer". The spaceframe had a dark gray finish whith high-tech baffled exhausts to enhance its stealth capabilities.

The four blasters and two additional weapons mountings were all located on the underside of the fuselage. The design was was completed with an ultra-thin beskar outer skin.

=Crusader-class Corvette=
Made to counter starfighters and bombers, the Crusader-class corvette carried as many weapons as it could without compromising space-worthiness. It was also faster then any other similar ship of its time. Together, these attributes made the Crusader an extremely pricey vessel.

Crusaders were also known to utilize an advanced point-defence weapon system that allowed the ships to actually shoot down enemy missiles or torpedoes before they damaged friendly ships. This made the corvettes a valuable support addition to a fleet.

Overall the Crusader is fast and lethal against Strikecraft, able to quickly move between formations of ships to hotspots where the enemy deploys Strikecraft and destroy them with great efficiency before moving on to another location.

=Venator-class Star Destroyer=
While designed primarily for ship-to-ship combat, the Venator had secondary roles ranging from starfighter carrier, to military transport and battleship escort. The expanded carrier role made the Venator-class popular amongst Jedi starfighter aces.

As a popular multi-role warship of the Republic Navy, the Venator was considered heavily armed and armored enough to lead assaults on Rim worlds like Utapau as well as fast enough to chase down blockade runners. Due to being relatively less self-sufficient than other ships in the fleet, the Venator-class often relied upon supply lines to aid long-range campaigns.

=Reciprocator-class Heavy Frigate=
The dated Vengeance-class Frigate has a long history of service with the Mandalorians, but all ships are due to be replaced eventually. The Reciprocater is the successor of the Vengeance and is superior to it in every way.

Armed with Super-Heavy Concussion Missiles, more mass drivers and even point defences to add to the existing set of mass drivers and laser cannons. The Reciprocator is a formidable warship to face.

Other features include shield and stealth generators, which make the Reciprocator ridiculously expensive, but also all the more rounded and powerful.

=Aggressor-class Star Destroyer=
Aggressors, also known as Krayt-class Star Destroyers were armed with two powerful fire-linked guns fixed to the forward hull which fired a large ion pulse followed by an enormous, spiraling plasma shot. They were also armed with turbolaser batteries in their wings.

Although the class had heavy armor, they were cumbersome in battle and needed protection from quicker capital ships and their starfighters.

"Win or lose, as long as the fight is worthy, then honor is gained. The glory at having triumphed over impossible odds is what drives us. If there's nothing at stake – your possessions, your life, your world – then the battle's meaningless. We Mandalore take everything we are and throw it into battle. It's the true test of yourself – the battle against death... against oblivion."
―Canderous Ordo

=Keldabe-class Battleship=
Named after Mandalore's capital, the Keldabe-class is able to compete with the Galactic Empire's Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Keldabes were armed with turbolasers, ion cannons, and a special mass driver weapon capable of firing directly through enemy shields.

An interesting facet of the ship's design was that they were capable of actually leeching energy from enemy shields to power its own weapon systems.

=Shadow-class Star Dreadnought=
The Shadow is armed with every advanced piece of technology the Mandalorians have and improved. It provides an immense amout of firepower and carries an enormous supply of Strikecraft.

However, its main weapons consist of large ion, plasma, verpine accelerated round cannons and it is this potent combination that make the Shadow one of the most fearsome warships in existence still.

*All Mandalorian combat platforms and systems have received upgrades, some even have changes to their design so read the last section of their description.*

"The clans act as if they aren't a threat, but the galaxy still fears us. Ha! People think we war out of spite, or bloodlust. They don't understand, and fear that."
―Canderous Ordo

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I like it, a lot.
i say we replace the battle legionaires, canderous and missile tank asap. agreed?

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Soon, soon.

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Wait, why do we need carriers? Our Strikecraft have engines!
Time to remove most outdated stuff.

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