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Making it to the Top 100 was hard work. Trying to earn your votes for the best Upcoming Indie Game of 2010 looks to be impossible. It's time to go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!

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Look at that, seems like we are in the Top 100. We really want to thank you guys for all your support. There are plans to do something special for the community for helping us get to the Top 100. Keep an eye sometime within the next couple days for a news post on that. We couldn't have done it without you, literally. All the positive feedback we have been receiving is what keeps us working through the late hours of the night to make a game for you guys.

First off, we have some exciting technical news to share. Our programmer, Garrett Colas, has managed to make some huge progress in coding for our game. After more then three weeks of work we finally have path-finding working. Path-finding is a huge step for us and we are very happy to have it fully functional.

Now for the fun stuff. Now that we are in the Top 100, we now need to work 5 times as hard to earn every single vote we get. Getting to the Top 100 was one thing, trying to win best upcoming indie game is a whole different league. We are not going to be playing with blocks to try and make you guys a tower again. No things are much more serious now. It's time to find a way to blow things up.

This isn't playtime anymore, it's business.

Name: AAA
Gender: Unknown (Probably Male)
Origin: Unknown (Probably Hell)
Age: Unknown (Probably 28)

There are two things certain however. AAA's appearance came shortly after the the Top 100 have been announced and that AAA wishes to 404 our game off the face of the internet!

This is a call to arms men (and women)! We need your help to stop AAA from the complete destruction of our game!


We need the creative collective of the community to to help us find a way to destroy him before he eradicates us. Giant robot, Godzilla, army of jet-pack monkeys, your imagination is your only limit. We will be running all submissions through the Request-bot and you guys are in charge of voting for the one that will obliterate him to the 3rd dimension.

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Lord_of_Sausage - - 95 comments

Whos that poor lady with the -_- face in the bottom? Exiled? Mining? Lonely?

Anyways, the picture is really nice :)

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ANtY93 - - 166 comments


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MD5STRING - - 30 comments

looks a lot more like simon to me :/

besides, kamina is farther up with the ^_^ face

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Lisek89 - - 36 comments

Congratulations on your recent achivements. Its quite a feat indeed!

However i would like to summon a thought before the speed will become to reckless in your race to win the "competition". I know succes as being the Best Upcoming Indie is pure golden prestige but don't buy it for a price that the game will have to cover.

I understand you are trying to rally the support, snatch the votes and aquire as much followers to the just cause that your game is, but doing soo by accepting people's "wildest fantasy" down from the bottom of their imaginative cells might have a threatning effect upon shaping the game.

Someone will wish for a raptor in a jet, someone else for candy-proppeled laser cannons becouse they find it amusing. We will end up running a underground disco society of Hulk-Jesus babies, fighting monocle gorrilas in tophats.

First draft of the Request Bot was nice, becouse of the reasonable ideas of the community, angles shine upon thy souls, but throwing yourself into the wicked void that is pure fan-service is a grim fate to develop.

Thus i humbly ask, don't win the competition by giving into the crowd, feed it instead. Nourish the awaiting audience with the concept and design, share it and shape it together in boundries of the rules you apply for the good being of your craft.
Continue creating and hope that the game you are making will just unfold as the best itself, support and favour will always find a way to a masterpiece.

After all, "this too shall pass", the competition like many before it. The game though... There is but of one.

My fingers are still mangled in the same supportative gesture. Best of luck and Godspeed!

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Tastyrice Author
Tastyrice - - 255 comments

Actually this competition has little to do with the actual game. It was just a fun way to interact with the community while we were developing the game. There are a lot of great ideas we have planned for the game that unfortunately we are not prepared to discuss now. We are just trying to interact with the community as much as possible, even if some of the things won't make it in game.

As for what we we are trying to accomplish with this competition, it's more or less a PR stunt. Like I said before it is a fun thing to do with our community while we working on the game. We absolutely love all the support you guys have given us and have been having a really great time developing the game. We wanted to pull you guys in the process even if it some of the things wasn't necessarily directly related to the game.

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Lisek89 - - 36 comments

I see :)

Appologies than, my assumptions were proven thankfully wrong. I will try to tame my rash judgment in face of another "lets-hope-not" scenario.

Hopefully the advice was still somewhat usefull even if poorly aimed and inpropperly applied :)

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Akalonor - - 1,686 comments

Bravo! That was quite the performance! Brilliantly spoken!

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Theon - - 712 comments

"We will end up running a underground disco society of Hulk-Jesus babies, fighting monocle gorrilas in tophats."

This sounds pretty ******* sweet to me!
Wouldn't mind some of them candy-proppeled laser cannons either! :D

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Lisek89 - - 36 comments

"... chyyyea" :)

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Mastermagic - - 68 comments

As I see Kamina there, you won't need any godzillas or jet-packs to make the deal, only your MANLY MANLINESS!! Just work as hard as you can, update frequently (so that comunity interest won't wear off), and try to give people what they want, not what they THINK they want.
^This is important^
~Eric the Racoon~

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Tastyrice Author
Tastyrice - - 255 comments

Ha, yes Kamina and Simon are enough to take him down indeed. As I have said to Lisek89 this news post isn't directly related to anything in-game per se, just something fun we wanted to do with the community.

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Theon - - 712 comments

I only wish I had more votes to give away to you guys.

Also, bokusatsu tenshi (bat-to-death angels).

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Tomasi - - 4 comments

AAA can only be defeated by the combined ingenuity and cunning of all the dwarfs.

Therefore I propose that a crack team of elite dwarfs be assembled:

A Master Engineer to design cannons and a rocket to be shot up at AAA.
A Master Alchemist to make firebombs (shot out of the cannons) and rocketfuel.
A Dwarven Beast Tamer to fill the rocket with nasty warbeasts like ferocious vampire rabbits, berserk kobolds, destructive gremlins, and rabid dogs.
A Dark Shaman Dwarf to summon evil spirits and also open a pit to Hell to send AAA back from whence he came.

Once launched, the rocket will impact with AAA's flying chariot as it is bombarded by the cannons and harassed by the demonic spirits. A door/hatch on the rocket will open, causing all of the nasty beasts to pour out and surround AAA and start destroying everything. Beaten and beleaguered, the ship with AAA in it will fall into the pit, and be swallowed up as it is closed forever.

How's that?

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irpwnu2 - - 22 comments

To defeat AAA we need flying DJs with lazor turntables

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WateryHell - - 11 comments


I am so tracking this.

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njordy - - 59 comments

Mario will come, jump on his head and AAA will die.
So all the mushroom kingdom will be safe again! (There are mushroom people in here, don't say I can't name it mushroom kingdom D: )
Go, go!
Good luck in the progress. And (if you haven't done it already) try to test the pathfinding for bugs, or we can have dwarves running into lava pits.
Oh, do you by any chance plan to make an way to dig "into" the screen. (Like DF, but instead of you viewing it from upside, you view it from the side. =) )

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Blood.Revolution - - 11 comments

This looks like it will be amazing. Congratulations on reaching the top 100. I look forward to this game. Best of luck!

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TheGameSquid - - 165 comments

It may seem kind of standard, but of course he would need to be taken out by cannons mounted on the towers of the fortress. Explosives always fit with Dwarves, because it helps to portray them as brash, brutal fellows that enjoy using considerable force without thinking too much about it first. And the cannons would fit into their entire metalworking background too. Plus, explosives may well come unto play into the game as a way to clear large parts of cavern systems, quarries, etc.

Either that, or Dwarves flying on giant hawks to assault AAA's ship! The Hawk-Riders will then use cunning tactics such as dropping large rocks on AAA or crashing into the ship to defeat him!

Or you could always use the Wiggles. THEY'LL KNOW WHAT TO DO!

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the_chuck_norris - - 5 comments

I think Chuck Norris should show up and roundhouse kick him into a third dimension, wait.... fourth, no make it sixth dimension. OR A FILTHY baseline comes on and he gets dirty and leaves SCORE!

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