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Things are looking good for Wc3:WoW as the Wc3:WoW Division of Condemned Entertainment pushes forward in attempt to get bugs fixed and new features in the mod.

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As far as spells and triggers go, we're moving forward pretty well now. Eleandor is still fixing bugs and adding the currency system, Hanky is doing spells for the Paladin class and also working on a Damage System (Fire damage, Ice damage, Nature damage, Shadow damage, Holy damage, etc.), Av3n is also thinking of returning to the team to work on spells after Eleandor found out how we can use vJASS without destroying the entire campaign.

The discovery of how to use vJASS in Wc3:WoW without it massacring the campaign has brought some attention to experienced modders such as Hawk900, Av3n, and Paladon. Things are progressing pretty well and actively too, so I guess we're having a good week. Hopefully the momentum doesn't stop, but rather it builds up and we move on even faster. Does this mean we can predict a release date? No! So don't ask a million times.

So, in short, what our team is working on is the fixing of bugs, adding the currency system(gold, silver, copper), adding a damage detection system and a damage type system. We may also start working on how items work. Right now, items such as weapons and armor almost have no real benefit. Attachment system will follow after the items' statistics are worked on.

Everyone is begging me to release new screenshots... I'll see what I can do within the next 24 hours. ;)

Screenshot(s) of Stormwind coming soon! Keep an eye on the page for a couple hours or less.

Two Stormwind screenshots added! More coming.

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That's all for today... hope you enjoy them! I'll try to get more out as soon as I can later on this week/weekend if I can.



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OMFG, I love good news :) Sounds like everything is moving along without any troubles now.

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