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Major Update 8.37. Pets, Guild warehouse, Scrolls of characteristics and much more

Steam-client will update automatically
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Improvements and fixes 0.8.37

Added a new "Guild List" window in the "Community" menu

  • Here you can see the list of guilds on the server
  • and the number of castles the guild owns.

In the "Castles” window in the "Community" menu, added the status of the castles.
Ranks in the guild altered in medieval style.
Added rank Esquire (recruit).
In the guild tab in the "Community" menu, you can now get a pointer to the dominium of a guild member.
In the guild tab in the "Community" menu, you can now leave a guild message for the guild members in the rank of Duke (Leader).
The rest of the guild members do not have rights to edit the message.
Added confirmation when you leaving from the guild.
Added a 200-cell guild warehouse:

  • Access to the guild's warehouse can be obtained only through the menu of the stone of the controlled castle of the guild.
  • The loss of control over the castle does not affect the contents of the guild warehouse (access to the warehouse can be received from any controlled castle at any time (including during a siege), If you do not have a castle, you also do not lose the contents of the warehouse).
  • Players with the rank of Esquire does not have access to the Guild warehouse.
  • Storage capacity can be expanded via the context menu of the guild castle stone.

Fixed a bug where at the time of the transfer the player remained in the guild list and could not be removed from there.
Added restriction on the number of guild members - 15 members.

Added new graphics of guild stone.
Added display of the name of the castle on the guildstone.
Updated brick and stone castles

  • On all servers, castles were rebuilt automatically
  • Removed all containers
  • Added buffs for castle’s gouses, surpassing buffs for common houses.
  • Removed the inner walls defending the guildstone.

Fixed a bug with the repair of the castle.

Added 6 new scrolls affecting the characteristics.
At the auction, the scrolls can be found in the section "Jewels"
Scroll of Characteristics reset.

  • allows you to reset all characteristics to 5
  • The scroll is available as a reward for killing the strongest monsters (Alphar, Drameter), and will also be available in the game store.

Scroll to reduce the strength, dexterity, constitution, perception, intelligence.

  • allows to reset the corresponding characteristic by 1, while the current progress of the growth of the characteristic is zeroed.
  • Scrolls are available as a reward for killing all kinds of monsters, except damned rats, in all lottery chests, in treasures, and will also be available in the store.

Reduced the impact of perception on the chances of critical hits and the critical damage.

The second stage of the Taming skill was implemented.
Now you can feed the trapped pets to tame them.

  • Each pet requires a separate type of food.
  • The number of necessary feedings and the intervals between them vary depending on the type of pet.
  • The chance of taming depends on the level of the animal.

Tamed pets can be released, they will follow their owner.
Added a limit on the number of simultaneously summoned pets and mounts (no more than one)
The level and the visual size caught pet stored after capture and taming.
Now the mounts as well as the pets follow their owner.
Added House for pets, where you can keep them. Works similarly to a stable.
Now any ravenous pet in response to any damage will attack in response.
The opportunity to sell tamed animals at an auction is added.
Added a mechanism that allows to re-summon the animal (the mechanism will be further developed).

Main changes
The error of incorrect counting of incoming damage is fixed.
Reduced the base damage of all melee weapons.
Fixed a bug when the player using the Charge could not get damage.
Fixed bug of incorrect display rarity of the Bear hat.
Changed chances of improving items when using Scroll of Warp (chances are increased, the chance to destroy the “rare” item is removed)
At the auction "Trap for small game" is available in the "Tools" and "Mounts".

drakrochma - - 25 comments

I would love to play this.
But only on a dedicated server.
On a big server, free for all players, there allways will be cheater, buguser od just dumb people, that only play to destroy what other players built.
And this is nothing I wand in a game, that I play to relax.

So, are there dedicated servers ?

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