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Some rough news I'm afraid everyone, but I believe this is the best course of action.

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After much-needed thinking and brainstorming, I have decided to rework what I have once more for a purely more acceptable Beta that makes the Alpha look like a tech demo.

Personally, I believe the game has become too complex with several future setups in the early narrative and I have ended up enlarging the scope of the project through too many avenues. Therefore I wish to step back from where I am now with the game as I am personally not happy with where it appears to be going. It feels aimless to me and that is terrible considering I am the sole developer. If I feel it's not good for me, then why should I expect it to be good enough for those that wish to support me?

I am officially changing the expected release date back to "TBD" until I am sure what I have is worth presenting. I do want to have SOME type of Beta out before the end of SuNoFes 2022, I would just like to manage expectations for those that assumed it would be just as lengthy as the Alpha Build currently available.

Updates will be more frequent than current Progress Reports. Let's do this.

-Lance Leeder (Lanket)

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