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It looks to be 2 years since I updated. I had taken a break from this mod to work on my other one, now I've completed some major features.

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It's been 2 years since I last updated this mod, I have been hard at work programming in new features. Artwork is a beta "crudely made sprites" to be fillers for what I need at the moment, so screenshots are out of the question.

Some of the features I can share are:
-Reloading weapons
-My method of weapon balancing
-A fancy HUD
-Allied enemies

I don't have much, but I do have more features than that, the rest are just a secret. They'll be shown when I either throw out a demo or release the full version.

This mod is not dead as it may appear to be, it is just very hard to create graphics, as I am not a good graphic artist. I have a few sprites done that look pretty good, but still need room for improvement.

I also have implemented subversioning into my programming, a good practice to do, I feel other Wolf3d programmers should try it. I use a program called TortoiseSVN to "backup" old revisions of my game. Currently I am at v0.1.006a. Once those numbers go up, maybe I'll see more development.

I hope to update more as I continue to make progress.

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