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Come check out one of the new screens showing the people and places around Niln.

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Five new screenshots have been added to the gallery showing a little more progress on the mod and introducing some of the major characters you'll meet in Niln.

Frederick Xagyg is known as the gamer of Niln. A single man with long white hair, he delights in creating games for gamers of all ages. His games blur the line between reality and fantasy...

Edward Reynolds is the local farmer, a hard working man with a big heart.

I haven't spent any time texturing the outdoor environments so some of those shots are a little rough yet but rest assured I'll have them cleaned up soon.

At this point there is only one quest left to write (the others have been written and revised). One quest is completely developed and another 2 have the beginnings implemented. Currently, all voice overs are just being done by me and once the whole thing is laid out I'll get some better voices in there.

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Keep up the good work!

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