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Since we are closing in on the completion of the full version for Magnus: Operation Hard Drive we wanted to release these new and updated screen shots from the main game!! enjoy...

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Terrance Morehead/Executive Producer
Outer Space Studios, LLC

Be sure to check them out here and be sure to play the demo for its more than just a test run...the story ties right into the main campaign and is actually a prequel to the full version. So learn about what leads up to Operation Hard Drive and what lies ahead in the main campaign. And for those of you who have played and finished the demo knows where Damon's mission and bond actually begins....

"He has been sent to protect the land has yet come to destroy it"
- Unknown

This is a cut-scene from the main campaign. Although the game takes place in one location, the story progresses and is told in different areas of the games universe.

Now lets jump back to development for a sec, then you can go download and play the demo...

We are working hard to try and improve the Magnus 2.0 mechanics, re-playability and overall experience in the main campaign. We are currently trying to implement new and fresh features to rejuvenate not only the appeal but the look and feel of a retro 2D game. This goes from anywhere to adding more head-rockin' music, heavier emphasis on story, letting the player take on the game as they see fit and giving them more choices on tackling puzzles and oh yea, brain storming. As we announced in the very first press release, the full version will be able available for download from our web-site (which is still currently under construction BTW) at the cost of a merely low $2.99 USD and we are trying to ensure that we deliver this big package at a very low price. We are also currently negotiating publishing deals with other online game distributors.

This is a shot from the main campaign. Each level requires the player to approach it differently.

Cut-scene?? or actual game play?? we will give you a hint...theres a easter egg in the demo that could reveal the answer to that question, so we will let you be the judge of that...

There are more of these where those came from. The release date is creeping up on us and fast, so stay tuned, for we have more screenshots coming with never before seen images, and never before seen game play footage...thats right trailer coming soon....

OK now you can go and play the demo!

wiiandthekid - - 19 comments

this looks interesting. i think i shall play the demo. thank you.

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OuterSpaceStudios Author
OuterSpaceStudios - - 21 comments

Thanks for showing your interest in magnus, wiiandthekid

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