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This is a news on an update to Magic - How it works, what can be done with it, and some graph work.

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Magic in MyWorld is, basically, a fifth element. But this fifth element is in every living and unliving thing, within us and around us. And rather than it being allocated to something, such as air to wind, fire to flames, water to sea, and so forth, it is more like a ruler of the basic four (Fire, Water, Earth, Air).
Magic is able to be manipulated into two objectives. The first is to control the four elements. The second is to be used on its own as a force. An example is a magic missile, or a levitation disc.

Elements can be mixed together to create a Reaction Magic. For example, pulling fire from the earth will cause volcanoes - or fire and air, a firestorm - I'll create a list at the bottom of this news piece.
Reaction Magic will be considered as an advanced form of magic - perhaps the would-be-wizard would have to reach level X in Fire and level X in Air to be able to cast Weather Magic - for example.

Levelling up in Magic is going to be slighly more diverse than originally planned. You have your Three magics - Blood, Star and Elemental. Then you will have sub-magics, such as Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Magic. Then finally you will have different aspects of magic you can practice - the Strength, Power and Endurance.

Strength is how strong you are in that magic, therefore being able to cast more damaging/effective spells.
Power is how knowledgable you are in that magic, therefore being able to cast higher levels of spells.
Endurance is how long you can sustain a spell in that magic, therefore being able to cast a single spell for longer.

For example; a Light spell may require low Power and high endurance. Whilst Strength is how bright the light can be.
A combination of all three would be required to become a master in that chosen Element.
But, keep in mind that you don't spend "Points" on skills/magic in MyWorld, but instead practice is rewarded - much like in real life, where practicing a real life skill will make you faster, stronger and more effective in that skill.

I have come up with a handful of arts for magic. Creation, Globe, Projectile, Beneath and Burst - these arts can be used alone or mixed together.

  • Creation is where magic is created - much like clicking your fingers and creating a flame, which can then be handled like an object; applied or thrown or otherwise.
  • Globe is where magic is concentrated around the caster or a single area - a globe of pure magic may keep out magical attacks.
  • Projectile is where magic is aimed and fired, like a fireball or gust of powerful wind.
  • Beneath is where magic is concentrated at the feet of the caster - or somewhere on the ground, a Wall of Flame, disc of levitation or an invisible and temporary "bridge" of magic so you can walk across water.
  • Burst is where magic is sent out in all directions, such as a tremor or a burst if wind to knock surrounding enemies away.

Examples of arts "mixed" together, is a burst of magic which is then transformed into projectiles - or the creation of an illusionary image and projectiled to act like it is moving... an illusionary boulder to frighten opponents, or a terrifying creature, for example.

Reaction Magic

  • Fire + Air = Weather Magic (Lightning, Blizzards)
  • Fire + Earth = Lava Magic (Volcanoes, Lava Pits)
  • Air + Earth = Sky Magic (Hurricanes, Sky Creatures)
  • Air + Water = Sea Magic (Tsunamis, Sea Creatures)
  • Earth + Water = Marsh Magic (Illnesses, Disease)

Blood Magic. All those who think Blood Magic is cool, raise your hands. Just as I thought - everybody. Even those of you who didn't raise your hand find it cool, I know. I know.

Anyway, the basics of Blood Magic. All creatures contain magic, from small to large and so on. Now, you can use your magic to manipulate things - this is your basic Element Magic. You have magic inside of you, which, over time with maturity and often use, gradually becomes more powerful - but what if you could "jump" in that process? Rather than waiting around for hours on hours of casting magic and meditating in-game to become more powerful, what if you could get a "boost up"?

Well, you can. Steal magic. This is of course highly illegal when enacting on one of the playable races, seeing as it kills the target - or severely weakens them. Magic is like a blood in creatures and without it, they die. It seems the more intelligent the creature, the higher their magic is. Or in some cases a creature is just naturally highly magical, due to many previous generations eating plants or creatures that are also rich in magic.

To "steal magic" you simple need to touch their blood and soak their magic through the wound into oneself. That is if you can get past any fit of defence the creature - or person - they may put up.
This magic then temporary increases your magic till spent, and half of the magic "stretches" your magical well that is within you - sort of like training your lungs to be bigger - or your stomach, or whatever else stretches in such a way.
Evil. Yes, it is pretty evil, seeing as you strengthen yourself by harming another, and yes, it has reprecussions.

More magic is gained not only from drinking their blood, but also from eating their flesh. Magic is more prevailant in the organs than the blood itself. You become further and further corrupt, even addicted to it - though I am still not sure about making people ugly. That destroys any ability for "Secret" blood magicians.

This is inspired by reading The Magician's Apprentice series by Trudi Canavan, and the addiction/corruption came from my own thoughts, but is comparable to the Supernatural series.

Blood magic is not a form of magic, but instead a way of increasing your magical output. Perhaps able to be seen as a magical input, as opposed to magical output.

Star Magic is alike to Blood Magic, in the fact that you increase your magical abilities, moreso than influence something using it. Star Magic is basically bathing oneself in the light of the stars - the clearer the night, the better. Star Magic is often found to be used by Druidic Magicians who use magic to protect and enhance the woodlands - Water and Earth mostly.
By concentrating oneself with Star Magic, the magic of the night sky is soaked into you, alike to how concentrating onself with Blood will soak the magic of the creature into you.

And that's pretty much it for Magic. I'm still dabbling in ideas for other Magic, some as Time, Space, Summoning, Fauna and so forth. I need a magic for Teleportation, Summoning creatures and creating Illusions - though, illusions may fall under the category of the fifth element, Magic.

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OMG That sounds awesome.Especially, because I planned to be a mage.I think Blood Magic should make people ugly/more evil looking, annd there should be a (magical?) way to disguise oneself.Maybe even as other people or wild animals.Also, how will we be able to get skills ingame?For example: I want to get a fireball spell, and I've met the strength endurance and power requirements.Will I be able to use it instantly or will I have to learn it from a trainer, etc?

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Azkanan Author

Hm... Well, I think you should be able to teach them yourself. Imagine you're a mage in this game - not as a player, but a person. You can "create" fire in your hand and throw it. But you want to make it a projectile from the start out. All you would need to do is practice, going to some guy who says "This is how you do it." seems more like an instant-learn idea that you have to pay him for, or you can learn it yourself.

Basically, practice to learn it, or find a mage who knows how to cast it to teach it you - which will be like practicing, but far faster. Heck, if you have a friend who is a mage who can teach it, they might do it for free. :)

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