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Within Mafia City, you are the leader of a group of gangs. Under your rule, the gang will expand in power, you will eventually become the revered Boss!

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Mafia City, Click on the avatar icon on the main interface→edit(Pen & Paper) icon→type the new name→then click on confirm.
Note: Changing name will consume 200 Gold.

2 How to change image?
Click on the【Items】button in the game interface and purchase a Change Appearance item under the【Store】option.
Item will automatically go to 【My Items】 after purchase. Then click on the use button of the item and select OK, all designed image will be displayed. Then click on confirm after selecting the image you like, and the image will be changed.

You can also do the followings: click avatar> click the blue cycle symbol at the bottom right corner of the image, then you can change your appearance. You can click upload avatar to upload images from Albums or Take photos . Uploading your own photo is FREE.

3 How to change city?

Leaders with mansion lower than lv. 6 and registered less than 3 days are able to change your city. And your cargo and cash cannot be over 500k respectively. Please do have a check, and if you aren't, you can click the Newbie Teleport prop, click Use, then enter the city you want to teleport, find yourself some place to locate.


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