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In this weeks article we introduce our young and fearless hero, Lucas.

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As promised, in this weeks article we introduce our young and fearless hero, Lucas.

Lucas is a young boy. Perfectly normal in everyway, a little more adventurous than most his peers maybe. Lucas is the child we all were, full of dreams and hungry for great adventures. Thrown into the unknown world of Somnea, he is quickly thrust the task to save the Dreamland by our friend the Sandman. Lucas is given the exceptional ability to control his dreams. The Sandman, doubtful that a young child can defeat the army of the Nightmare on his own, recruits the Fluffies to aid Lucas.
Still unable to master every aspect of his new power, Lucas will quickly learn how to use it to shape dreams at his will and gain even greater power with unlimited imagination... After all, who never dreamed about being someone else, a noble knight or a fearless cowboy?

Model Sheet : Lucas

Of course, being a part of a dream, Lucas can create almost anything. Development is progressing well and next week we will hopefully try and give the first preview of the ingame experience.

Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Concept art looks great :D

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KyrDerz - - 133 comments

I like the concept arts, the colors look very nice, hope in the end it look like that. Tracking =P

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KonichiSakai - - 26 comments

D'aww, he's so cute! :3

This also looks very interesting. Consider yourself tracked.

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Why do I think "French" game when I see this? Are you French? I guess it's because the style of your character reminds me of Franquin. Ok, Franko-Belgium, then. Are you a Franko-Belgian team ;)?

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M.Brunet - - 7 comments

I am truly impressed, SinKing! Yes, the artist who draw that is actually french, congratulations !
Otherwise, our team is kind of international now. Even if most of our teammates come from France, we have a great sound designer from England and a composer from the USA.

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