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Created a classic styled retro arcade game for a game jam. Give it a try! Free and playable in browser (no download). How many customer can you serve before they eat you?!

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Lou Bagel's Waffle Bar

Feed them or be eaten!

title screen

A game a made in 48 hours for a game jam. Inspired by the arcade game "Tappers" I made this as accurate to a classic arcade game as I could.

Link to Play:

waffle bar 15 edit

The above GIF is level 1, which should be very easy, but it shows off the basic mechanics:

  • Start cooking a waffle
  • Shoot a waffle down the bar to serve the customer
  • Time the waffle's cooking to optimize tips
  • Refill the syrup bottle (or else they won't accept the waffle)

waffle bar 14

Each level adds new customer which all have their own quirks. If you serve the karate guy a burnt waffle he will chuck it right back at you, stunning you for a moment.

...also pictured here is what happens if you don't successfully feed your customers :'(

waffle bar 12

There is an upgrade menu between levels where you can purchase extra bars to manage the customer flow better, then later more upgrades....

upgrade menu still 2

The service industry can get a little crazy...

waffle bar 21 edit long can you last?

Lou Bagel's Waffle Bar

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