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Lorien Fletching update for the elves 7/25/10 This upgrade replaces the fire arrow upgrade

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Posted by Kwen on Revora Forums
Here I present a quick look at a new upgrade for Elves. I'm not fond of the idea of Fire Arrows for elves, as they as a culture would have a very weak stomach for burning things... Or perhaps it's just a pet peeve of mine... meh, I have a lot of them. Anyways, as a replacement I've decided to add the upgrade; Lorien Fletching.

Now, since my faction is basically the alliance of Elves as a whole the Lorien Fletching will be available to the Mirkwood Scouts and Rivendell Riders (Horse archers) as well as the Galadhrim and the Lorien Archers.

The upgrade will grant an increase in range, as impressively well crafted arrows would do. And an increase of pierce damage.

Here is a quick preview of what the units will look like when granted the upgrade. (The original arrow design will be the default, and when the upgrade is purchased, they will be switched out with the Lorien ones.)
It should be very noticeable in game, and easy to determine which are upgraded and which aren't.

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