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Rise of The Sultan

-1910 the Tension started to grow as the balkan nations wanted to drive the ottoman empire out from balkan and in secret Greece Serbia Bulgaria and Montenegro planed an legue but they wuld need to wait as they needed to se the ottoman empire weak.Germany Asks Luxmburg into joining the German Empire as they are german
luxemburg accepts

-1911 Italy attaked the Ottoman empire
Casus bely taking lybia and the War lasted till 1912 Ending into an Ottoman defit and a chanse for the balkan nations to eliberate the balkans .

-1912 The Balkan Legue attaked the ottomans but the ottomans had suport from Germany And Austria-Hungary and so the war lasted till 1913 but the balkan legue had lost the war ending up to the treaty of Ankara.
-Treaty of Ankara
-Ottoman Empire takes Morava .
-Ottoman Empire takes Rumelia From Bulgaria.
-Ottoman Empire Puppets Greece.
-Ottoman Empire Puppets Montenegro
-Ottoman Empire Joins Central Powers.

-1913 The balkan nations are devastaded.Romania Joins The Central powers Whit the promise from Austria-Hungary that Romania will take Transilvania .In Russia there is a move called the Polish Red Hands that in late September got to rebel in streats of warsaw for independence from Russia and the rebelion rise up to a revolution till December 1th and they rebeled till Januare 15th 1914. as the Russian empire Culd not defit the rebels Poland had Goten Freedom Under the Name of Polish Military State.

-1914 The serbian Nationalists in Bosnia prepared for assassination of Duke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on the date of june 28.The Duke arives in Sarajevo and the Nationalists move in whit bombs they trie to drop bombs on his car but fail but one of them named:Gavrilo Princip succeses and shots the duke and kills him.
In july 2nd the Austrian Empire gives serbia ultimatum Refering to the assassination.
-Serbia must Let the Austrian army to enter Serbia to investigate the assassinatio and who imported the guns.
-Serbia will be Puppeted By Austria.
Serbia in that case Refused the ultimatum and Austria Mobilized its army To the Serbian Border and On july the 5th Austria declares war .
on july the 7th Russia joins on serbias side .
on july the 8th Germany joins on austrias side.
on july the 9th Romania joins on Germanys side on retaking Bessarabia and bucovina from russia.
on july the 10th the entent Join on russias Side.
on july the 13th bulgaria joins serbia to reklaim rumelia.
On july 14th Ottoman Empire Montenegro and Greece Join on Germanys Side
On July 15th The british Empire Joins the war On France side and on same date Belgium Joins the war on British side
So World war I starts
-1915 The Germans start Push on Russian Borders From Prussia Galicia and romania the first weeks its seems like that war gose on central powers favor and the central power Ask italy to join the war on their side to take out france
Italy acceps
and the war gose on

-1916 The Cetral powers Push Into France hard They are at the gates of Paris And the Russians are Having truble there is a revolution starting in russia a Marxist and Democratic Revolution is geting sparked
-1917 the Russian Empire Colpases Eliberating Ukraine,Belarus,Siberia Stanic Republic,Caucas Union,Finland,lithunia,Livonian order and Soviet Russia and White Russia
Russia Is out of the war and romania gains bessarabia and Bucovina
and france Surrender
-1918 the war is almost over but the serbians and bulgarian and England held strong the germans start the invazion of britany whit 70000 man and on November the 7th Britany Falls under German rule London Capitulates
In the balkans Serbia and bulgaria capitulate tu Austria and turkey the war was won by the central powers
the Treaty of Munich 1919.
-Germany Puppets france.
-italy takes the mediteranian coast of france.
-Ottoman empire takes vidin from serbia and bulgaria.
-Romania takes bessarabia.
-Serbia wont be puppeted but the austrian army will be in serbia till 1921 .
-Serbia And Bulgaria are forced to join the Central powers.
-Serbian royal Army is Forced in exile In Sweden
-Bulgarian Royal Family is exiled in Norway
-British Royal Family Is forced in Exile In India
-UK is now known as England
-France Has Reinstaurated The monarchy by germany and Has Napoleon As an Emperor again
-Scotland Is Eliberated Under German Rule
-sussex Is puppeted by germany
-Ireland Is eliberated and is given North Ireland
-Belgium Is splited In flanders and Wallonie
-1920 the Russian civil wars is on going but belarus Ukraine are free and are not fighting so Poland sees the oportunity to claim lost lands and attaks belarus and ukraine
and the war will last till June
Treaty of Warsaw
-poland annexes Belarus
-poland takes Eastern Ukraine
Poland now asks Lithuania in Reuniteng and lithuania accepted so the commonwelth is reunited
and sents ultimatum to livonian order to give the coast line of latvia
the order being weak they give the latvian coast.
-1922 .the russian revolution did not end so the tow factions end up in in white pace and truce till 1929.and the Romanov family is Exiled In China


-1919 The treaty of Algeris had change africa in a very interesting form
-Ottoman Empire Takes Egypt
-Germany Puppets Morocco
-Italy Annex'es Tunisia
-Germany Takes Algarian Sahara
-Italy Takes algerian coast line
-Germany Annexes France Sahara
-Italy Gains east Coast of Africa
-Germany Annexes Congo

-1920 after some unrest in German Africa the German governament establishes an Puppet state Named German Africa .And Italy declares Colonial war on Ethiopia on july 3th and on april 7th the ethiopian governament surrenders
Treaty of Palermo:
Italy will annex Ethiopia

-1921 Turkey asks Italy if the culd give lybia back
Italy accepts in
south african gains some land from the damned war in south africa there is a central africa established on german side
Oman And Yemen ask for land in middle east from England
England Being Weak they accept
Treaty of London:
Oman will annex Emirates and Qatar
Yemen will annext Old Yemenis Lands
-1922 Oman Proposes into Unting whit Yemen Under the United Arab Emirates
Yemen accepts That and the Emirates are formed
on May 2nd Ottomans and the Emirate Attack The Nejd Lands into spliting them in tow
Treaty of Instambul:
Turkey will take Nejd
Emirates will take Rub al Khali

South America:
-1914:The South American countries adopt a neutral position in World War 1 or The Great War.
-1917:Brazil declares war on German Empire saying that they were forced into it but with a very small popular support.
-1918:Argentina sells equipment and food to the Allies.
:Brazil's mainland is invaded by both German and Italian troops, most of their troops being in Entente Lands their lands are captured very fast by Italian Colonial Troops
:Germany declares war on Argentina for supplying the Entente. Argentina holds strong against the German and Italian forces, ending the aggression on a white peace.
-1919:Argentina adapts a autoritan govenrnament, annexing Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay, forming the La Plata Empire.
:Colombia also turns autoritan, attacking Venezuela,Ecuador,Panama and demanding the Panama Canal from United States of America.
:Peru and Bolivia continue to remain neutral and unite into the Peru-Bolivian Union.
Treaties in South America:

Treaty of Rio de Janeiro:
Brazil will join Entente.
Brazil declares war on German Empire.
Brazil will supply the Entente.

Treaty of Santiago:
Argentina will sell the Entente equipment,food and oil.
Argentina's neutrality in the Great War will be recognized by the Entente members.

Treaty of Sao Paulo:
German Empire will annex Brazil's coast.
German Empire will annex the Guyanas.
Brazil will become a German puppet under the name of German America.
Brazil will promise loyality to Central Powers.
Brazil will apologize to Germany for declaring war.
Brazil will pay war reparations.

Treaty of Bueno Aries:
Argentina will annex Paraguay.
Argentina will annex Uruguay.
Argentina will annex Chile.
Argentina will pay war reparations.
Argentina will rename itself to La Plata.
La Plata will adapt a Anti-Centralist Governement.

Treaty of Bogota:
Colombia will annex Panama and Panama Canal.
Colombia will annex Venezuela.
Colombia will annex Ecuador.
Colombia will recognize the Peru-Bolivian Neutrality.
Colombia will rename itself to Gran Colombia.
Colombia will pay war reparations.

1919:Germany asks Netherlands to buy The Hollandish Guyanas
Holland accepts and gives the Guyanas

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