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We have added another area of content, the Witches' Lair. With that, you will find more characters, enemies, and a new story arc.

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New Quest-Arc

In the final hours of our Kickstarter which ended on Nov 29th, we unlocked a mini-stretch goal at $35,000. With that, we introduce The Witches' Lair. This expanded content will add new characters, enemies, and story. The Witches' Lair is an entirely optional quest-arc.

Some of the lore behind The Witches' Lair: (Source link)
According to legend they were four wise and powerful sisters, who were also consumed by great ambitions. Their names have been lost to history, and even if they were known, to speak them now would be blasphemous. They aspired to the highest ranks of their order and were not content to wait patiently to take their places at the top. Instead they attempted to rise up through intrigue and treachery; even going so far as to use their powers to drive their rivals to insanity.

When the High Priestess Vilowia learned of their actions she appealed to directly to Alnaet to help expel them from the temple. So the very Lord of Xulima, in just answer to their actions, deprived the sisters of their sanity, but let them go free. However, they were still very powerful and cunning, more than Alnaet suspected.

Each took a different direction away from the temple and sought out dark and remote areas to establish their lairs, far from prying eyes. Hundreds of years have passed since the witches were cast out and they are believed to have met their ends, being human and mortal. Only strange occurrences on the outskirts of remote villages remind people that the witches ever existed: People disappearing, strange plagues, sudden cold spells, mental illnesses and other evils that seem to be without cause…

Ironically, it’s said that those who first dared to resist the Impious Princes when they conquered the continent, including those who fought against the most powerful of the princes, Ovenhel, ultimately succumbed only when they fell into a madness in which they committed terrible acts that made them even more infamous than the children of Artherion. It is for this reason that Ovenhel earned the name Tormentor of Souls.

If you are interested in RPGs with deep story line, that's what Lords of Xulima is all about. We have a blog post on our official website, The Inspiration of Lords of Xulima that describes a little bit about where the story came from.

Lords of Xulima is a turn-based isometric RPG coming initially to Windows, Mac, and Linux, that has also been Greenlit on Steam. You can follow us here on IndieDB or follow the links for more information.

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