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Need people who know how to mod, hod, model or get event files working for various ships like muzzle flash etc.

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Im in need of people that have experience with HW 2 modding and would be willing to help get a release out for HWU by the time chris gets back from whereever . Well i probably cant do a release but i would like it if the mod was cleaned up when he gets back so he can do it. Anyways im in need of people that have experience in the area of hodding, modeling, scripting if possible and worked with event files as im limited in that area and cant get fire SFX to work. Atm its just myself and shadowgaz working on this project but hope that anyone that would like to volunteer plz post here or pm me, also i have found that working with another is much better over Xfire, granted the programs main purpose is to chat with your friends and game with them but can be useful with data exchange, get real time feed back instead of waiting hours on end for a reply because you are dealing with a real person on the other side.
Anways heres the link for Xfire.
make a username for yourself and add me and shadowgaz to your friendslist.
mine is Leviathonls and i believe that shadows is shadowgaz

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