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We're looking for an animator as an extension of our team.

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Hey there. If you want to wedge yourself into a potentially successful game development team you've came to the right Ad. We want to create a nice, gritty, Stalker inspired, Co-Op or solo open world survival. We're wanting to have AI characters as main enemies. But we want them to be somewhat like Escape From Tarkov's. A threat, but ours will hopefully not be able to flip you off by dislocating 13 different bones and merging through your spleen.

All Team extensions will of course get a share of earnings, well, of course they would. They're a HUGE part in the industry. We're not rich AAA devs so please don't expect us to have a NASA budget. Thank you, Gabe. Here is where you can get our attention, We're small at the moment, so now would be your best chance to get in! See you there! Hope to make a great game with you soon!

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