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The Tolkien Modding Community group is looking for new team members.

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Pedo Mellon a Minno. - Speak, friend, and enter

Mae govannen, my fellow Tolkien Fans

time flies by and this group is already more than two years old. And after more than two years I thought: Why not bringing in some team members. It would take a bit a work of my shoulders and offer some of you the possibility to support LotR mods without having to model and script.

What is getting done here? The most known activity here at the Tolkien Modding Community might be the ongoing TMC Newsletter which I try to write down every two weeks. Sometimes I am however busy and it takes a bit more time. I also rolled up a TMC Interview series which I put on stop since it got too much for me. And there is a TMC discord with modders of different games present, at which sometimes interesting discussions evolve. With some knowledge at HTML you can also give the TMC group at moddb a new look. Or you can roll up something new by yourself if you get some good idea of which the Tolkien Modding Community might benefit. You name it.

So, what am I looking for in team members? Basically for following characteristics

  • You are interested in Tolkiens World and the modding community around it
  • You are communicative and able to work in a team. This adds the requirement to be active at moddb and discord.
  • You have some deeper knowledge in one of the game communities. I am mostly playing Mount & Blade and it would be nice to have people around knowing the ongoings at the Total War or Battle for Middle Earth series (or of another game of course).

If it sounds interesting for you and you think you might be a good addition to my team, feel free to send me a direct message at moddb or discord, presenting yourself.

Looking forward for some Sams ^^



I hope you find someone ;)

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Eärendil_Ardamírë Author

I hope so too ^^

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While I'm not sure I can directly participate in the act of moderation, I am interested in seeing the community grow. I will definitely offer up ideas, or support where I can!

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Eärendil_Ardamírë Author

Thanks for that :)

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