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Breaking the silence with some exciting news about the mod!

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Hey all, Fiffle here with an update;

We have a few new team members!

MoonBased: Voice Actor
Luger_Mann: Voice Actor
CaptainCiphers: Modeller
Welcome to the team!

Soundtrack Preview!

Recently, we released a soundtrack preview for the mod. It's accompanied by some shots of the Junkyards areas in the game, and info about the songs themselves, take a listen when you can!

You can find the link above.

New ideas come with new members!

With the new additions to the team, we've also come up with new and interesting ideas for the game. Cipher has been working on some models, and our VAs have been doing demos and assisting with writing.

Our new(ish) mappers are also doing some work on the game, and the first chapter is coming along nicely. We still have a lot to keep under wraps but it's getting there, expect another showcase later this summer.

Bean quest!

That's right, we have bean-can hunts now! Here's the first entry, see if you can find it!

Bean Quest: Easy Mode

That's all for now, have a good day everyone!
Fiffle out!
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