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Introducing the first vehicle in the ‘Logistics’ series, the Republic Troop Transport, a fast, lightly armored repulsor vehicle capable of quickly ferrying 12 soldiers across the battlefield and back.

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"The Rothana Advanced Logistics Speeder Model 12, or more affectionately known as the RTT, which is short for Rothana Troop Transport, is a light repulsortruck which has served the Grand Army of the Republic since the beginning of the war. The RTT was originally designed to swiftly carry two squads of soldiers and their equipment across secured terrain, and is only mildly capable of supporting an assault against heavier vehicles, being only very lightly armored. It makes up for its lack in armor with speed and maneuverability and a heavy, flexible arsenal of firepower. The ALS-12 is armed with two anti-vehicle mass-driver cannons and a light repeating laser cannon for anti-infantry support. Often deployed in convoys among heavier vehicles like the AT-TE, the ALS-12 proved itself reliable enough to remain in service with the Clone Army until after the end of the war, then briefly serving the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps before being completely phased out by the end of 13 BBY."

The Rothana Advanced Logistics Speeder Model 12

This vehicle is a personal favorite! I love the design of this transport vehicle and I had great fun defending them in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars video game on PS2. I always wondered why it didn't return in any other clone wars media, like The Clone Wars' fighter tank did in Battlefront and the Dark Horse comics. It appeared in Empire At War, albeit as a space-capable shuttle version for the Rebel Alliance's infantry squads. For its depiction in The Clones of War, I took some small liberties with the design, giving it an AT-TE-style cockpit to make it fit more with the designs of the other Loyalist vehicles and added a simple interior. I've also added a top hatch on which to mount weapon systems operated by a gunner, to give it more of a ww2 halftrack feel and some of the same functionality.

The Rothana Advanced Logistics Speeder Model 12

In terms of armor and weapons strength, there are no canon references anywhere on the planet (as far as I know and I've looked!), so it's completely open to fan interpretation! And so, at least for the first release, I have decided that it will be able to take punches from light vehicles but be blasted apart by anything heavier. As for weapons strength, I took the rocket launchers from the LAAT/i while modeling the RTT and just stuck them on. I cannot find any reference that doesn't simply imply that they carry the exact same weapon system and so the RTT carries considerable firepower, next to its top-mounted turret, which will have several variations.

Up next, the Separatists' equivalent to the RTT, the Platoon Attack Craft!

Frezzman - - 81 comments

Wow,speechless!Keep up the good work.

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arcane37 - - 19 comments

Can I have some pics of this thing I absolutely loved it in the star wars the clone wars game.

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