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Here are some of the most recent updates to LOE: Xeen combat style, gems and teleport spell, animates sprite performance upgrade, story outline completed.

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Xeen Combat Style
After completeing MM4-5: World of Xeen, I have decided to change the combat style to xeen (turn based). Enemies now have more attacks per round. I feel this is more exciting and challenging. The screenshot shows the layout to the new combat interface.

Gems and Teleport Spell Added

After spending the last couple of weeks playing Might and Magic - World of Xeen, I have decided to bring the gem system and the teleport spell into LOE. The teleport spell will work a little differently in LOE. It will not be able to pass solid walls, but is more used to access special locations and to avoid taking damage from traps.

Animated Sprites Preformance Update
Another big update for performance. Earlier, I mentioned I was able to add animated sprites without effecting the other events and causing lag. However, if I had too many animated sprites on one map, the frame rate would slow down from 60fps to 30-40 fps. I optimized the code and I am now able to add virtually unlimited animated sprites and still have 60fps!

Story Outline Completed

Today, I spent the entire day working on the story outline, and I have finally completed it. I just have to write up all of the dialogue. However, I still have to complete the side and promotional quests.

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