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Several years later, evil arises once again to take over the world. Fortunately for us, the wacky Jack-o-lantern man Wacko does too, this time joined by an entourage of creatively bankrupt companions.

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So last year I released a little mod by the name of Wack-O-Ween.
A rushed, buggy mess that still managed to stick. I'm not that proud of it.

What I am more proud of is the sequel: Wack-O-Ween 2: The Fever Dream Becomes a Nightmare.
A sequel that's just as rushed, but with more stuff to offer compared to the previous mod.


(text at the bottom is just me taking the piss out of my own lack of skill)
Changes include:
-Your standard wall and ceiling texture shtick
-New enemies with changed behaviors
-Random midis I got from the internet and plastered in this
And the main change of this mod:
-Turned the difficulty selection screen into a char selection screen.
That's right, baby! Your roster of pumpkinheads has increased from one to four, each with his own set of 2 unique- ish weapons.

Of course, in the lead of this crew of spiced pumpkins is Wacko, the immortal spirit of halloween.
Comes armed with a chainsaw, a double- barrel and immortality.


Second one on the list is Tricko, the result of using a cup of pumpkin spice latte as a substitute for human blood when you're doing a demonic summoning ritual.
This leadhead carries a sonic guitar with a long- ranged attack and infinite ammo and an abominable mix between a guitar and a machinegun as a secondary.


Number 3 but not for thee is Zacko, a magician killed by an evil pink bunny who has arisen anew, with flesh (or plant matter) now of the same genus as our favorite cucurbito pepa.
The magical pumpkin man comes armed with a dagger that he stabs with very fast and his magic silk hat, with a 50/50 chance to fire either a hitscan projectile or a normal one.
Unfortunately for him, the same pink bunny who cursed him in his previous life has come out from beyond the grave aswell, carrying a brass weapon of mass musical destruction. (pink bunny is played by guest star Atina/RetroGamerBunny).

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And last, but not exactly that least, we have what happens when rumors go too far and too wide.
After the story of Wacko's first anti- monster adventure spread, it became more and more twisted as it jumped from person to person. That rumor would eventually manifest in the most far eastern reaches of europe in the shape of Hacko. A strange, twisted pumpkin man who lacks Wacko's immortality, wields a drill and a strange gun, with a firing speed similar to that of the Wolf3D Chaingun.

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Well what are ya waitin for?! Download the mod and get to blastin!

Wack-O-Ween 2- Files

Got questions? Got bugs? Got critcisms? Post them in the comments!

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