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Thanks to the XMAS bundle, you are now more than 3000 playing little Kingdom on PC. As thanks, I've add the long awaited feature: LAN game.

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Due to the large number of new players, I've got some new feedback and a new motivation.
So I've spend part of my holidays working on Little Kingdom ^^.
I hope you will like the news elements!

The main change is the LAN mode:
"Random" game is now a "Create" game.
The map parameter are the same, but now, up to 24 player can play together!
The team selection menu is now also a lobby room.

A small human is displayed for each player in the game (3 in this pictures)
I've heard it's possible to use Hamachi to play over Internet. But I don't know how to do myself.

One bad point, you should lose your campaign progress...
If you don't want to restart it, here's a cheat:
Go in the "Content" folder and edit the "Little Kingdom.sav" file.
In the Campaign0 line replace the number (should be0) by the campaign number you were at.
And it should be ok.

There is some other improvement:
- A zoom bar is displayed near the minimap.
- You can build in your ally territory. (It cost the price in their territory)
- A readMe doc is in the install folder.
And the bug "campaign map finished but victory isn't detected" has been corrected.

Like always, feel free to give me feedback or tell me if you like the game. It helps me to improve the game.
These points will be really useful:
- Network feedback
- Hamachi trial (and success?) of an internet game.


Oi oi oi oiiiiiiii those cheeks need some cheeky cheekerness flying dialdis!

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