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Vertical pumps are the new toys, but under the hood work has been done to allow us to improve the range and performance of the liquid engine.

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By popular request, inside "Special" there are now "up" pumps and "down" pumps. They operate the same as the horizontal pumps, except they move the liquids vertically. Try them out!

Really quite unnoticeable in-game, but under the hood the water chunks now properly seal their edges. This is a large step towards "infinite" water, and will allow us to further improve the performance and draw-distance of the water.

A tutorial has been uploaded on how to create your own custom themes for version 1.03b and up, and below is a video demonstrating a "Sonic: The Hedgehog" themed Liquid Cubed.

Our focus is on improving the performance of the liquids -- not recreating Minecraft -- but there's still plenty of fun things we can add to Liquid Cubed.

Last time vertical pumps were requested to be the top priority "fun" feature, and the priority list was arranged in the following order:

A. More blocks available (more colors/drains/etc)
. Perlin noise terrain generator
C. More tools (Line tool, fill tool, rectangle tool, etc)
D. Better interface and higher resolution
E. Fluid interactable objects (fish, crabs, ducks, etc)
F. Reduce map file's hard drive space (they're enormous right now)
G. Ability to switch between "free flight" and “walking”/collision mode.
H. (NEW) Improved liquid polygons (smoother edges, dissolving particles, variable width waterfalls, etc)
I. (NEW) HD visuals (specular & normal mapping, water reflection, distortion maps)

How would you arrange the priority list for "fun" features for Liquid Cubed?

ponpat - - 129 comments

First of all, I do not know why, but I love your work, even if you "just" can play around with water :)
And to answer your question about what priorities I like... I am a fan of how Wolfire works: first make the tools, then improve the engine and then start creating the game and improve the tools and the engine where it is still needed.
So for me C H I D and then B would be intresting, but I think for developing it would be better to work on I before you start working on H.

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DeadPhaker - - 148 comments

looks cool. I'd put I and H in the top of the list...

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