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A brand new game out of nowhere! Read up on the origin of this image creation tool, then check out the downloads for the tool itself. Want the source code for this? Ask for it in the comments!

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An image creation tool? What about Robo's World 3? Where did this come from!?

In an attempt to create a lightning special effect for my game, I ended up creating about 6 different special effects. Each time I made a change to the coding of the system I tried it and thought, "Oh hey! This looks pretty cool, I should save it!" And so I did. Once I had all the effects, I thought it would be a shame to let all this effort go to waste, so I re-purposed the experiment into this image creation tool, and due to the nature of the tools, I decided to call it Line FX.

While this isn't really a game, it is the shortest amount of time that I have spent on any project I have made in Game Maker ever,... thanks to winter holidays I was able to create the entire program in less than a week!

So have fun, go nuts and create something amazing!

If you want to check out the tools available for this program, check out this feature.

If enough people ask, I will make the source code for this available.
Just ask nicely in either a comment on this article or send me a message.

Finally, if anyone sends me an image they created with Line FX and I find it to be of good quality, I will feature the creation in the "images" for this tool.

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