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More preview reviews all over the web, Rock, Paper, Shotgun covers us with an exclusive story, and we go into detail about what we've been up to since the preview was released! Hint: It involves monkeys.

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So it’s been about a month since the preview was set loose on the world, and brains everywhere have been beaten, melted, and generally pummeled into submission. And you seem to have liked it! The positive press continues to roll in even five weeks later, and we couldn’t be happier! Rock, Paper, Shotgun, 8-BIT Girl, Giant Fire Breathing Robot, and iFanzine have all given it a go, and seemed to enjoy themselves, that is, if we’re properly reading the wide-rule scribbles sent to us via their respective mental hospitals.

Anyways, now it’s time to actually finish the thing! Beau’s been updating you as to his progress with the levels, and this is going well! The sixth world we’ve added, which will actually become the new fourth, settling in between two of our old worlds that we felt could do with a little more separation, has been proving to have been an excellent decision, as both the overall difficulty curve of the game and the opportunities for storytelling and plot development have been strengthened. What does this all mean? Well, more levels, and more laughs! Which I think are things we can all enjoy. David’s been being a good little code slave and has been plugging away down in his dungeon, developing tools for me to direct the game’s cutscenes. First up: The Opening Cinematic. When you launch Wyv and Keep, if you allow the intro to play out without skipping to the title screen, you’ll be treated to a bit of a look into Amazonia and Wyv and Keep’s journey. I’m not gonna spoil much just yet, but if you follow us on Twitter you’ve seen me post a few work-in-progress screenies. Allow me to stress “in-progress” again. *cough*

Okay, so here's a WIP of the opening shot incorporated into the cutscene engine... (those birds really fly!!)
Scene 1: Looking out over Amazonia

And another quick one! A WIP of an overhead shot of... more birdies! #itgetsmoreinteresting #screenshotsunday
Scene 2: Birdies!

And oh why not, here's more of that tree, now with monkeys! And even Wyv and Keep! (sort of) #ScreenshotSunday
Scene 3: Monkeys watching Plane

It’s a lot of fun creating them, and they’re looking great, so the in-progress part is mostly just in the addition of more detail and pixel goodness. Next up for David and I is adding in-game cutscenes and dialog.A lot more is in the works as well! Including the finalizing of the level editor which will soon be distributed to PRE-ORDERERS *NUDGE NUDGE*, the implementation of online multiplayer, and the ending of the game, which we are still keeping super über mega secret, and uhhhhhhhh more stuff, too!Pre-orderers *nudge nudge* can expect to see the first of their awesome private newsletters soon!

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