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A look at our new fluid animation style for battle effects!

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Hi Ninjas,
I'm finally doing something interesting today, so I decided to talk about it in a development log. I'm been studying a lot of game animations, but mainly that of MapleStory, and trying to incorporate the fluidity of their animation style into Nin Online. As for now, After some practice, I've created a style I personally like and think fits Nin Online well.

I've used it for the animations below...

Level Up Animation

This is how I designed it in Photoshop.


This is how it is programmed in-game.


This animation will play on your character each time you level up. I'm not completely satisfied with it as of yet, so consider it a WIP. I believe it should be a hell lot grander.

Critical / Dodge / Miss Animations


These I like a lot. I believe good animations will really add on to the whole battle experience in Nin Online. The critical animation is intentionally a little Ragnarok Online inspired
This is a little preview of the art seen in this development log, working together in-game.


The principles I've incorporated into these animations, which hasn't been widely incorporated into previous animations are..

  1. Breaking away from being overly traditional and only using Pixel line art and shading.
  2. Motion Blurs to create more intense effects with less frames.
  3. For certain elements, I try to use good timed scaling to create an effect of Squishyness.
  4. For other elements, I tried to create an effect of Elasticity with well timed easing.
  5. Still maintaining the love I give all my animations, and still working on them as frame-by-frame animations.

I hope you guys like this. Feel free to give your feedback.
Also, if there are any web developers interested in coding our new homepage, please PM me!



Wooooooh amazing !

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nice i always love to hear a development update :D keep it up

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