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Campaign levels now support basic script actions on shape pops, and speed bonuses sometimes give you an imploding shape which sucks in others around you.

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At the moment, various actions can be triggered by popping a shape/a group of shapes. These are simply implemented in the level files using only one line for one action, but are a great help for creating more dynamic levels.


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This will be extended by the ability to trigger one or more shape spawns on a pop, and maybe a few other things. Hopefully, it'll also be possible to change the trigger type - for example, when players enter or leave an area.

Speed bonuses now randomly offer an imploding shape, which does this:

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NullSoldier - - 973 comments

Uh, this is really freakin cool.

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Vizitas - - 66 comments

nice looking good

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Micah - - 89 comments

Awesome as always.

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