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Hello, If your reading this so you can avoid reading the main content SHAME ON YOU! just kidding hehe, read below ^^

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we find ourselves in November now, and still have alot to accomplish.
What started out as our serious main development project is now dwindling into
what seems more like that optional homework your teacher set you [i did mine]

In doing so, I'm appealing to all and throwing down the barriers of silence,
redrawing the wanted posters
to give You newcomers and experienced modders a chance to have
an opportunity to gain experience in modding Sins of a Solar Empire here at New Dawn.

Crucially if you are looking into
3D modelling
Texturing - HOT NEEDED*
Coding position closed*

You've come to the right place.

Our small team talented yes, but very few in number and would like
to add to our depth in order to drive this mod into full throttle once more.

For applying:
Please post in this news thread or pm the appropriate Senior Dev's
such as mangosofdoom or WaseemFarazButt

Lets Go!

FeuerAegis - - 222 comments

I am worse than useless in all 3 of those categories. :(

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Yukigo_Kurosaki - - 10 comments

I got a friend who could be able to help with modeling, a bit new to it though. I'll see if he's interested.

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IceFlame1019 - - 1 comments

I'm here.

I do hobbyist modeling in Blender, right now just personal projects + bare meshes and textures for Team Fortress 2 item submissions.

If possible, before I agree to anything, can I get a sample model of a ship so I know approximately what I'd be looking at in terms of complexity of the mesh and overall ship design?

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WaseemFarazButt Author
WaseemFarazButt - - 194 comments

much appreciated
thank you ^^

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vader111 - - 361 comments

i can do coding. but i will have to do it in the middle of my mod.

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WaseemFarazButt Author
WaseemFarazButt - - 194 comments


I PM'd you

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