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Please give me your ideas to be included in the next update for the Star Trek Vs. Star Wars mod.

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So I am in the process of making the next expansion pack for the Star Trek Versus Star Wars mod. In the next update I would like to include some random events and more dialogue. I would like your ideas on what random events to include and on any phrases you would like to see in the dialogue. You can give me your ideas on the forum at:

Keep in mind that the only things random events can effect either plus or minus is:
Planet Quality
Weapons and Defense for Starships

Thank you for your interest. :)


I presume you saw my suggestions... I've updated them with ideas of what they could affect too.

They're there in your forum if you haven't seen them yet though~

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superbob17 Author

Yes thank you Nathanius, I appreciate your suggestions. :)

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Thanks man, your mod is great. Some suggestions or fixes:

FIx the Borg and Klingon ship classes. Especially with the Klingon, the Negh'var is listed as a medium class ship when it should be hugh, Vor'cha moved to large and K'tinga to medium. The borg can have some more cannon ships but its pretty good already.

The only thing else is maybe make the weapon and defensive system more like they are in the star war and trek universe. I've always hated the 3 different type of defensive system when shields should block move mass driver and beam weapons.

I really appreciate you making this mod, it put so much more into this game.

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