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It's time to talk about v2.0 with episode 4, "The Birth". New episode, new weapons, Upscale, Voxels, the return of Polymost... and Raze Touch.

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"The Birth" - Legacy Edition 2.0

First of all, don't forget VOTING for the Mod of the Year Competition. Always Bet on Duke!

It's time to talk about 2.0 release. Not only we'll get "The Birth" episode, we are getting the Upscaled addon compatible and, of course, the new enemies and weapons upscaled as well (check it out some sprites above).

Here's a list of new things we are getting:

  • "The Birth" Episode with the Legacy treatment:
    The entire fourth episode rebalanced with the new elements and more difficult;

  • 2 new weapons - The LASER CHAINSAW and The SONIC RESONATOR:
    The Laser Chainsaw will be a MUST HAVE, using both Plasma and Fuel, you can use this weapon to kill more easily some enemies and get health and ammo back from them. The Sonic Resonator is a weapon capable of shooting Hyper Sonic Blasts capable of pushing enemies so fast, that when they something, they explode, OR you can use to push the Commander's floating pad and leave him crawling in the floor asking for mercy.

caterkillar examplesonc

  • New enemies like the Blue Protector Drone, the Scorpion Tank and the Red Sentry Queen:
    In Episode 4, we get two new enemies, the Protector Drone and the Pig Cop Tank. NOW, we are getting the Blue Protector Drone (which shoots expander blast), the Scorpion Tank that shoots Freeze Blasts and Plasma bolts (hehe) and finally the Red Sentry Queen (not gonna talk about it YET).

  • A new Skill Level - "See You in Hell":
    In this skill, Duke is not losing it's ammo anymore like in Damn I'm Good, that's because you're gonna need everything you have to survive and kick ass. In "See You In Hell", the aliens do 5x more damage to you (2 shots AND YOU'RE DONE), but aliens will not only drop health, they'll drop Armor as well (you're gonna need); you get the Laser Chainsaw right from the start (which means there are more Plasma and Fuel in the first levels); more Extra Life drops and ALL THE MAPS ARE INVERTED, you may think that's nothing, but believe me, for your mind, it's a completelly new map.
  • Upscale:
    Like I said, I'll be adding (as a addon to the mod) the Upscale pack with the new game elements Upscaled as well.

    cycloid red5345 Advanced

  • Voxels:
    This might change, but some elements might get Voxels in the next release (as a Addon as well).

  • Smooth Weapon Animations:
    We are getting smoothed out animations for the weapons.

  • Automatic Updates (Eduke32 will warn you when a new Mod update is available to you);

  • 32-bits and Mac port:
    Already in production, we are getting a 32-bits version and the Mac port;

    You asked for and now you're getting it. A port of the game for the Raze Touch port in Android. GET READY FOLKS!

  • The Legacy Edition Mapster version;

    I'm fixing the Polymost problems for the mod and enabling it again.

  • Manual, Poster and Big Box Art:
    I was gonna release them this week, but I realized that it would be dumb to release the PRINTABLE MATERIAL without the Episode 4 content, so I'm delaying this release to the 2.0 version.

Now, let's talk about dates, I don't know if I'll be able to release the 2.0 version this month still, it has lots of things to do, but I promisse I'm gonna keep you guys updated.

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The time has come, Duke Nukem is back and it's time to show for the world, VOTE for the Legacy Edition in the Mod of the Year Competition.

Hail to the King, Baby!

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Haha I knew it! I knew the new weapon was the Laser Chainsaw! :D The sprite always looked like a chainsaw to me and turns out it was. Didn't expect you to make a weapon out of the Sonic Resonator from that Lameduke sprite :o Wow you're bringing back the hardcore mode but you made it even cooler than 'Get Medieval' with lots of new features great job! Your dedication and passion for your mod is outstanding! Even making different versions to accommodate people on different systems/ports, now that's commitment! Best mod and modder of 2022! Hail to Marcolino baby! ;D

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