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Duke Nukem 3D - Legacy Edition 1.2 New version of the mod, containing lots of bug fixes, new features, rebalance and of the things you asked for. Are you ready to return to the Legacy? The world needs Duke!

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The new version and it's new features

It's finally here, after 2 weeks of research, debug and test, the new version with the three original episodes is going to be released. And, most important, the Linux version will be available as well! Yeah, I heard you, you asked for and you got it.

New additions to the game were made, I've seen people complain about the new pistol mechanic, and after several tests and trials, I've added the option to turn the Pistol automatic again. Of course, it's a bit slower than the semi-auto (for balancing purposes, it's the original velocity), and I've added the option to disable the bob effect on the Mighty Foot too. Check it out at the Game Options menu.

Here's the official list of new features and bug fixed: Download Legacy Edition 1.2

One of the things that I most loved to put in this update, was the redesigned Elite Pig Cop.

Not only that, but he's now more dangerous than before.

Another cool addition are the Widescreen Title Cards, Bonus Screens and the new animated menu background, and a new Intro scheme (let the intro rool out and tell me if you liked).


Some other features are the new level menu, lower skill level rebalance, score system rebalance, some map fixes, Overlord and Battlelord rebalance and some new FX.

Take a look at some shots:

If you have already played, don't worry, these new additions and bug fixes will make the difference.

Now, let's focus on the fourth episode.

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Hail to the King, Baby!

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