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Have you ever faced that moment when you accidentally dropped your iPhone and almost suffered a mini heart attack? Have you ever panicked over rain water seeping into your phone because you were careless?

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Have you ever faced that moment when you accidentally dropped your iPhone and almost suffered a mini heart attack? Have you ever panicked over rain water seeping into your phone because you were careless? You must have regretted not buying a cover to safeguard it. The iPhone 5 is of course one of your most prized possessions. Bet you haven’t forgotten the day when the word Apple changed its meaning from the first picture in alphabet books to a phone that had the world inside it. You must have burnt a hole in your pocket when you bought it. Maybe you still remember the madness at its launch when you queued up behind a hundred people to book the first lot. That was another excitement in itself. The gadget became a new family member and you took care of it as if it was your own baby. You never let it drop to the floor, you wiped it with the softest cloth fabric in your wardrobe, you hesitated to give it to a friend who wanted to check out the apps and you flaunted it proudly on your social network. But with time
you learnt that you have to take that extra care for it to last a longer period of time in your life. Without a safety case you can’t save your super device from the rain and the snow. When you step out in the market for finding the perfect cover for it, it would be a tedious task. There is always a war between brand and local, so it is all bound to perplex you with their quality and trend.

Why Leather Holsters?

What does a holster mean? It is a case that may or may not be attached to a belt in which a device like a phone is carried. Leather in itself has the essence of looking classy and elegant. The leather holster is the toughest knight in the shining armour for your iPhone 5. It is durable, trendy, sophisticated and gives that corporate look when you step out. Leather does not let dust enter the device and also prevent damage. You can of course go for colours and funky designs when you place it beside your cup of cappuccino in the cafe for your friends to immediately get attracted to it but at other times if you have a fondness towards sophistry, you will choose leather.

Leather is also known to be water resistant and can be easily washed if stained. You can dare to take out your iPhone in the rain to attend an urgent call if it is inside the leather holster. Leather holsters usually come in different shades of black and brown natural colours but customized leather cases are also available. If you want to get the initials of your name embossed on your iPhone leather holster, there are special stores where it is done as per your order at a specific price. There are leather holsters that are typically designed for girls by attaching stones and beads on the back cover. Every holster has a front flap that can be opened to dial a number or to see the screen so that every time you use your phone you don’t have to take it out entirely from the case.

iPhone 5 Leather Holster- Various Types

Some leather holsters come with a magnetic flap and some other come with a plain design. The magnetic button makes sure that the iPhone does not slip out of the case in case you are a bit careless. Some holsters come in the shape of a wallet that also have spaces for inserting visiting cards. There are some holsters that have a hook on one side to attach a key-ring. There are cases which have two leather loops on the inner middle part through which you can keep your earphones safe too. Some cases are in the shape of a pouch so you can also put currency noted inside the way you use your purse. Nowadays not every holster comes with a belt or a buckle. Most of them have a safety clip with which you attach it to your belt when you go out. Almost all holsters have an opening at the charging point so that the charger pin can be inserted into the iPhone without taking it out of the case. A little opening is also there where you insert the earphones to listen to music or talk on hands-free mode.

How is good leather holsters manufactured?

Leather always comes in different quality. Since buck skin is banned now, so most of the cases are manufactured from Tundra sheep leather. Saddle leather is a very common form of leather used to manufacture holsters and belt clips. This is usually tanned leather and comes in varied thickness depending on what it would be used for. It is lock-stitched by six cord wax linen thread. Each stitch is locked in place by the next one, thus making it stronger and more durable. Good holsters are oil finished. There are natural oils that are rubbed on the holster body to make the leather shine. If taken good care of, these holsters can last for many years and look new. This oil finish also does not let dust and dirt fade away its natural color and gleam.

If you still haven’t yet bought your iPhone its chic garment then do so today. Holsters vary in prices but they won’t cost you a very high price. Go to any iPhone store and you will find a wide range to choose from. You can also check out online and get a prior knowledge of what shape holsters come in and which one is the best adornment for your gadget. Before you buy your net denim, your iPhone should have its first costume so that it can be chic at par with you. If you are a good owner you will take care of your belongings like you take care of yourself. It reflects your personality.

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