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Video showcasing Leaden Sky atmosphere, music made by VIS.

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Hello again!

I've got a special video for you, I hope you enjoy it.
Atmosphere of Leaden Sky was a great focus, sound design, animations and graphics have been polished and refined.

Also good news, the demo is pretty almost much done! The last step currently is voice acting which we started doing today, this should go rather smoothly as we were preparing for that, so it won't be long before you see 2022 demo in download section.

But now enjoy the video and tell me what you think, if you like the content here just like and follow for more Leaden Sky related videos. If you want to help you can tell about the game to your friends who might like it, cheers!

Schowek 1

Schowek 2

Schowek 3

fallendrag1486477003 - - 45 comments

The Atmosphere is so thick and believable that i can technically chew it and feel . Great work. Wish You big success.

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Helghast_95 Author
Helghast_95 - - 463 comments

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it ;)

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Olde - - 53 comments

Music is top-notch. Atmosphere drips from every frame. Found that to be a very calming and introspective video. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.

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Guest - - 696,364 comments

THIS IS SO COOL. I CANNOT wait for this update!!!

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One_Man_Company - - 1 comments

Hello Helghast_95!

How do you make such an amazing scenario, is it hand drawn??? Are you still on GameMaker? Is it 3D or just layers/parallax? (as far as i know GameMaker doesn't support 3D, or didn't).

I'm using Godot and i surely can learn from your work to implement in my platformer game, you are a huge inspiration, know that.

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Helghast_95 Author
Helghast_95 - - 463 comments

Hello there! Sorry for late reply, I didn't see your comment.

Yes, the graphics in LS are all hand drawn :)
I'm using Game Maker 1.4, there are just very many parallax layers, from 15 up to nearly 30 depending on the level.

Game Maker does support basic 3D, but you have to script everything yourself such as collisions and stuff, this is what I made in GM 1.4 recently, all GML code:

Also thank you for kind words, I'm always happy to discuss game dev stuff and help

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