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This explains our rules and the consequences of breaking the rules .

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Here are the rules that the New Empire enforces

1. Obey your emperor and carry out his every command

2. No attacks , raids , or moves shall be made unless the emperor orders you to do so

3. NO info is leaked out from the new empire . What happens here stays here

4. Do not spy on the enemy unless the emperor authorizes it

5. When you recieve info share it only to your emperor . No one else needs to know unless the emperor wants you to .

Consequences for disobeying rules

-Disobeying rule 1 results to being banned from his top people or prison with torture
-Disobeying rule 2 results to loosing your men and fleet for a temporary time or permenant time depending how many times you disobey the rule
-Disobeying rule 3 results to trial for spying on the new empire . Your punishment if found guilty would be a slow execution
-Disobeying rule 4 will result into demotion
-Disobeying rule 5 will result to trial or demotion

These are our rules . Obeying them will result to promotion and such good things . If you have any recommendations for rules or consequences please PM me .

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