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Possible future for Lavgine and other platforms :)

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For quite a while I was trying to redesign Lavgine to be more and more cross-platform. Recently I've decided to use 'GLFW' library to help me handle all windowing issues because linux is very hard to cooparate. Library forced me to simplify some things which maybe I will accept one day. But now I can focus on more important things such as more 'ports'. I'm looking to get my hands on 'Mac' machine so I can add this platform to Lavgine list but no promises :)

What else going on you may ask. Well... a lot. Lavgine Lua scriping syntax has changed totaly.
It will now be more OOP like which will organise things a bit. Current version has around 200+ exported functions and 150+ variables to use. Some things has been removed as well but it will benefit at the end. Of course it doesn't mean that I wont add them in the future. I've just wanted to make solid Lavgine 'Core' to work with so that all new non-basic features will be considered as "Add-On's".

Also Lavgine now uses newest OpenGL context in compatibility mode so YOU CAN, BUT DON'T HAVE TO use new OpenGL. This will come in handy in C++ SDK. Which is also my dream goal for a while. Maybe with this smaller solid 'Core' it will be easier to achieve.

New, redesigned version of Lavgine is coming soon.
So stay tuned :)

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