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XenoMiner is still on sale for 50% off, sale ends this weekend!

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Weekends were made for gaming! Make sure you get XenoMiner at 50% off!

This is the last weekend of our Desura launch sale: check out our great reviews, stop by our forums ( to see how engaged with our community we are, and try the full-feature demo.

Watch us for some exciting news, posting soon - this indie studio is about to "level up" ... we'll be revealing more soon.

Current development progress:

PC update ETA: Tuesday 8/13 (2.02)
Improvements to mob spawning (more action, tighter radius)
Improvements to mob AI
Threading issue bugfix
Saving issue bugfix
Screen-draw crash bufix

XenoMiner has been in constant development for over a year, and we continue to update it with direct feedback from our fans. You wouldn't believe how many fan suggested features are in this game, and how many more are coming. Come support us and help us shape the sci-fi survival-builder you've always wanted!


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