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This is the official launch of the Zombie Zanity PSP project coded completely from scratch in lua!

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This is the official launch of the Zombie Zanity PSP project and also the launch of Most Wanted Game Developments first custom built game engine! The engine is built completely from scratch in lua, and will be encrypted once the game is released, not to hide it but to protect it.... The MWGD's Lua engine will bring optimized game play with the max resources that the PSP has to offer (Don't worry the engine will be fully tested prior to the release). Back to Zombie Zanity though, the project is to bring the first 2d MMORPG to the PSP homebrew community. The point of the game goes along with the story but you have a choice to ether play by/with you're self or play online with others (Hopefully if everything works out as planned, if anything else it'll be the first Zombie RPG to come to the PSP homebrew community).I'm also going to try my hardest to have cross platform Online play but I'm making no promises with that or even online gameplay itself because I have no delicated servers to host it I may rent one if it comes to that but we'll see. I know that I don't have too much to show for myself but most of the coding has gone into the engine itself and not as much into gameplay.

Total progress..
Game -
Graphics - 10 %
Controls - 50 %
Zombie A.i. - 10 %
Menu - 2 %
Weapons - 4 %
GUI - 20 %
Sounds - 0 %
Infrastructure Multiplayer - 0 %

Engine -
Optimization -
30 %
High Quality Graphics support - 10 %
High Quality Sound support - 0 %
At Ease Infrastructure/ AcHoc Coding - 5%
Meaningless functions that have some use to me in Developing this game - 20 %

This game is still in its very early ages of development I feel a bit uncomfortable about making a moddb page for at this early so please keep you're hurtful and meaningless comments to you're-self's.
Thank you!

Edit: Instead of having the kill counter out in the open like that I'm going to code a stats system where you press [] or something and it shows all of your stats like Med kits,Kills,Deaths,Food,Water,Rest, ect..

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