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So we released on Steam today! It's been a bit of an up and down day, given us discovering we would not feature on new releases.

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And we've got our latest builds uploaded here and on Steam which includes FPS speed fixes among other things. To celebrate our launch, as well as to help provide the Steam audience with as much information about the game as possible, we are planning a whole weekend of streams from our regular streamers and YouTubers, along with reviews and information about the game, which we are hoping to link directly from our Store Page. Bug fixes permitting, we plan to spend as much time as possible in those streams to answer questions from people checking the game out.

get a free steam key!

Indie Stone

PS: Tell your friends, please! Word of mouth has become more important than ever. <3

Herotigo - - 42 comments

could i get mine transfered to my steam account?

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INtense! Staff
INtense! - - 4,100 comments

All customers on Desura get a Steam key for the game. You can grab it from your collection page

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Relluc - - 1 comments

? I don't see it...

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azura135 - - 30 comments

I remember when I bought this game sooooo long ago, when there was only one map and it was pretty small. You've definitely come a long way, here's to the update and many more to come!

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assassin129 - - 20 comments

So true.
I also remember when they lost almost all of their work and had to pretty much start from scratch. But they never gave up on the project. These people here are the game developers we need today.

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kash8891 - - 19 comments

yeh when the office was robbed i was like oh **** no, but since then after waiting pateintally here we go guys.... cheers

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GeorgioWoah - - 1 comments

iirc he left his laptop (with all the work on it) in his car, and someone broke into the car and stole the laptop. I may be wrong but that's what I remember.

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Guest - - 688,657 comments

awesome trailer,awesome game...

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Lyaskavku - - 944 comments


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Ramibuk - - 1 comments

Really catchy trailer!
I hope it will get more attantion for game.I discovered it only recently only by luck and its exactly my type of game.Its becoming a master piece in gameplay and is has so much potential.

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bes-fr - - 1 comments

No vBuild.17 for the 64bits linux ?

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OttoNL - - 28 comments

Not a fan of the update, but now at least i know i shouldnt update the desura version i have because of insane instability

But good for you guys you're on steam now, congrats

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holmesc2009 - - 29 comments

Yea, the steam version is terriable currently.
I'm not so sure how that'll attract new comers.

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OttoNL - - 28 comments

I'm not sure how many people have those problems though, we cóuld be a minority. And I don't think steam or desura will let them rollback to a previous version..

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XenonFORT - - 172 comments

Gratz for the steam release, you really deserve it ^^.

Just one question, will there be any kind of multiplayer? If I remember well a kind of co-op Multiplayer was planned long ago, but not sure what happened with that.

Sorry if I you already said something about this subject, but I would really love to play this game with others in the same world.

Thanks you for your time, and I hope you the best for your game, good luck and have fun ^^.

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nasKoo - - 133 comments

Yes, multiplayer is on our roadmap, though still some way off.

Local splitscreen coop was in but only experimental (our first dip into MP with PZ) and was removed.

Thanks for all the loveliness and support<3

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andrewmaster0 - - 47 comments

Is it at all a goal to get multiplayer/coop in this game?

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nasKoo - - 133 comments

Yes, it's on the roadmap for future game features.

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kevinzat - - 1 comments

I have my steam code and a steam account but I don't see where and how to use it. When I try to buy project zomboid on steam I only see different ways to pay for it, not a place to enter a code. What am I missing?

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nasKoo - - 133 comments

Here's the guide on how to add a product on Steam:

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BrickFace - - 3 comments

awesome, just redeemed my steam key from desura!!

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tapletti5 - - 4 comments

Congrats on steam pre release!

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carlqua - - 65 comments

WOW good job on the trailer! I was not expecting that :D
I don't notice any steam updates, does it update?

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sabman84 - - 32 comments

it does. automatically.

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ScubaSteve3465 - - 206 comments

It just refuses to give me my steam key..... this is the second game i have had a problem with, trying to get my steam key. I go to my collections and it wont give me the key. Sigh.... this was really looking like a kickass game too.

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